September 1, 2017 recap

Of Pines and Roses

Beauford, McKenzie, Droop, Thalaniel, Maddie and Nameless were checking things out at the newly finished Manor House when they heard someone talking with Mattwise at the front door of the manor. It was Nars. he had a message from Sister Garaele at the Shrine of Luck in town. She was asking for Shortlock or if he was not available could some of his friends come see her. It is very important. Beauford, McKenzie, Thalaniel, Maddie and Nameless said they would go see her right now. Nars walked with them till they got close to the Townmaster’s Building and he went inside while the rest walked on to the Shrine of Luck. They entered and Gaerale spoke to them: “A girl from one of the outlying farms has been bitten by a rare spider. I can keep her alive but I cannot cure her. But I do know where something is that can cure her. In the Grove of Marcharin about an hour southwest of Phandalin there is a tree on top of which grows Crystal Roses that can be used to create Tears of Ashaya, a rare and wonderful source of magical healing. Garaele will need 3 flowers or the nectar from three flowers to make enough to cure Hanna, the farm girl. She opens the curtain to her back room and there lies Hanna with a wet cloth on her head. She closed the curtain and turned to the group. Can you get these flowers for me? The group agreed and after checking on any supplies they may need they left by the southern road out of town.

They followed the directions given by Garaele and soon they came to an odd forest with trees that looked all alike. This must be the Grove of Marcharin. They saw a path leading into the grove and saw it split in several directions. Beauford cast Speak with Plants and talked to one of the trees. It was very talkative and cooperative, giving them directions to the big Pine tree off to their left. After a brief discussion they followed the tree’s directions. They walked for about 30 minutes until they realized they were right back where they began. Beauford was not happy. Droops did some scouting and thought he saw a way but it was not clear. Thalaniel cast Spider Climb and went up a tree to see what he could see. He then jumped to the closest tree barely landing about 5ft from the ground. He climbed up that tree and did the same thing. Droop got a boost from McKenzie and was up a tree as well. He spotted off in the distance a large pine that stood out from the rest. It was huge, at least 500 feet tall. He quickly mapped out the quickest path to it. Others were not convinced that that was the way but after a discussion they decided to follow him. It took about 30 minutes to reach the bottom of tree. The lowest branches were about 20-30 feet from the ground. Beauford again cast Speak with Plants and asked the tree if it would give them 3 of the Crystal Flowers that grew at the top of it. The tree answered in a low voice, “Leave.” Beauford pleaded with tree telling it about the little girl and how the roses would help cure her. The tree would not listen and told them all to leave and not return.

Thalaniel cast Spider Climb again and started up the trunk. Namless used the magic rope to create rungs in it to climb up the tree. Maddie shifted into a squirrel and scampered up the tree leaving the others behind. McKenzie cast Wall of Fire and encircled the trunk making sure the others were not caught in the fire. Thalaniel cast Blight which caused the tree to change colors briefly before returning to normal. Large pine cones began dropping from the tree attacking everyone in the group. McKenzie then used a rope to attach her and Droop together and then threw it around one of the low limbs and began climbing up. Beauford casts Magic Stone and fired one of them at the tree and missed really bad (rolled two ones on an attack with advantage) hitting Nameless and almost knocking him off the branch he was standing on. Beauford was rattled and he regrouped at the bottom of the tree to figure out what to do next. As they others climbed. swarms of sprites attacked them being more annoying then actually doing much damage. Thalaniel cast Blight again and then began to climb the tree. Maddie cast Fog Cloud so as to hide her, McKenzie and Droop. Maddie rushed up the tree but McKenzie and Droop were stuck on a branch having a tough time getting higher. Nameless was making good time with the Rope but there were only about halfway up the tree. Beauford cast Dimension Door and teleported to the top off the tree. The tree was swaying but there was no wind. At the top of the tree he saw a giant next with an extremely large owl sitting in it. It looked angry. He could the owlets but he could hear them just behind the Mama Owl. She was not happy looking like she would attack at any moment to make sure nothing happened to her children. Beauford cast Speak with Animals again and told her all he needed was the crystal roses just beyond the nest and that he would not harm her or her children. He then begin to play a soft song that she seemed hear but it was not making much of an impression on her. She nodded and let him go around the nest towards the flowers. Just then an even larger owl, the Father landed and he began to breathe heavy and puff out his chest and knead his claws into the tree. Beaford repeated he would not harm their children. Beauford noticed that both owl’s had claws and beaks of crystal that looked very similar to the roses he was trying to retrieve. All of the owls watched him as he approached the roses. The adult owls making sure Beauford did not harm their owlets. The owlets looking on in interest. Soon Beauford reached the flowers. He saw 8 total with three in full bloom and 5 others in various stages of budding. He cut the three that were in full bloom and put them in the Bag of Holding. He then cut the other 5 and added them as well. He looked to the owls, thanked them and then cast Fly and jumped off the tree. He struggled for the first 30 feet like he was swimming in a heavy current in a fast flowing river. He then caught himself and was able to continue flying down towards the ground. He was yelling that he had the flowers. The others turned around and started heading down the trunk and branches while the Sprite Swarms attacked those in range. Thalaniel reached the bottom first and began casting Eldritch Blast on the swarms. McKenzie and Droop made it down and began casting spells and firing a crossbow at the swarms also. Beauford landed and prepared Leomund’s Tiny Hut for when everyone was on the ground. Maddie and Nameless were last and when all were together Leomund’s Tiny Hut was cast and surrounded them protecting them for the next 8 hours. They took a long rest and immediately started the journey out of the grove. At one point Thalaniel, Beauford and Droop all were convinced that a separate path was the way out. After another discussion they decided to follow Droop and soon they were out of the grove and back on the path to Phandalin.

They arrived at the Shrine of Luck and gave the three roses to Garaele. They then showed her the 5 others and discussed about seeing how to plant these so they could grow in town so they would not have to travel to the grove again. They decided to talk with Shortlock to see what he knew about such things. Garaele removed the nectar from the three roses and created the Tears of Ashaya and Hanna was doing much better within an hour.