September 15, 2017 recap

The group was joined by two new adventurers, a dwarf barbarian named Grongun Battlebeard, a human Tempest Cleric named Keriodan and a halfling rogue named Ladróna. The group was approached by Nars who told them that Sister Garaele would like to see them. They made their way to the Shrine of Luck and Garaele thanked them again for getting the crystal roses that helped to heal Hanna. She gave them each 283 gold. She also gave Beauford 2 does of the Tears of Ashaya that were made from the nectar of the crystal roses. They then checked their gear to make sure they had everything for the trip to Castle Cragmaw and then they set out to retrieve Venomfang’s egg from the cultists. In all it was Beauford, Ladróna, Althea, McKenzie, Nameless, Thoravil, Keriodan and Mon Ki.

It would take about 2 and a half days to make the trip. Althea cast Pass with a trace on the group so they could make good time and be less likely to be hindered along the way. Midway through the first day, Mon Ki and Grundran noticed movement just off the right side of the path. They went to investigate and 2 good sized lizards emerged. They both looked like George, Beauford’s ambush drake companion but with different markings. They also looked beefier, bulked up. Beauford sent George to see about the new drakes in hopes of making new friends. The drakes immediately recoiled and sprung at George attempting to bite him. The group went into battle mode with McKenzie, Nameless and Beauford casting spells while Mon Ki, Grundran, Althea, Keriodan, Grongun, and Thoravil attacked with their weapons. Two more ambush drakes joined the fight but soon all 4 had been defeated.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and they finally made it to Cragmaw Castle. It had not changed much since they were last there but still they were leery and decided to make their was slowly through the castle ruins. V had specifically flown around the area where the owlbear was kept in the castle and Beauford led them to that tower. They searched and did not see anything out of the ordinary until Ladróna noticed a section of the floor was about a quarter of an inch higher that the rest of the floor around it. She began to look for a switch or latch to open up the secret door she knew she had found. Across the room in a pile of ruined furniture she and Mon Ki spotted a lever of wood that seemed out of place. They pulled on it and the section of the floor went from a quarter inch about the floor to a quarter inch below the floor and then slid back into place revealing a set of spiral stairs going down into the darkness.

Mon Ki looked into the darkness and saw the shiny tip of a spear at the bottom of the steps 40ft below. He crept down to the middle of the stairs and could see 4 dragon cultists and a 5th solder that looked like a captain dress in chain mail but the same black as the other cultists. Stealthy he leaped from the stairs across the room at the top of another set of stairs going down into the cellars. He crept down the stairs which made a left turn and went further down into a large room containing more cultists and at least 2 more ambush drakes. They looked to be patrolling. He crept back up the stairs and cast Silence into the large room and then signaled for the others to attack the cultists in the entry area. A bit of a log jam occurred as almost the entire group wanted to get in on the action. Thoravil made cast Spirit Guardians and made his was down the steps getting a few of the cultists into the guardians area including the captain. Althea moved down and attacked the captain. Droop jumped down landing on Thoravil but they both recovered enough so Droop could get an attack in. Ladróna followed and set up to attack a cultist. Beauford cast Detect Thoughts and went searching for someone to go deeper into their minds. He found one and he could detect “Must guard the keep. Must keep the others safe. They are my brothers and sisters. Here they come.” The thoughts did not last long as Ladróna cut him down with her shortsword and dagger combination. Namless cast Light on his Rope of Climbing and had it coil around the ceiling of the room to give light. The cultists in the large room below saw the light but only briefly as Keriodan moved forward and cast Fog Cloud. Beauford cast Hunger of Hadar into that large room getting all of the cultists and the ambush drakes. They were attacked by unknown horrors from beyond the void causing cold and acid damage as well as blinding them in void darkness. As they stumbled about the group finished the cultists from the entry way and then made their was down the stairs. Mon Ki removed the Silence. Thoravil ran forward and investigated two of the four door in the large room. One room was a storage area and he could see lots of stuff. The other room was a study. As he was looking another one of the doors opened and two kobold ninjas entered and started for Mon Ki. Mon Ki ran forward with two javelins attacking each kobold. He hit one but missed the other and then he punched the same one that was hit. It smiled and said in Common; “I see you know Frozen Style and he attacked with his Quarterstaff but missed each time. So did the second kobold. Keriodan cast Shatter on the two kobolds and doing maximum damage using destructive wrath through channeling divinity. It also pushed them both back 10 ft.

Meanwhile the cultists were wondering around in the darkness sometimes attacking one another but most falling to the void cold and acid. When a cultist stumbled out of the darkness it was cut down quickly by the others. Ladróna asked if she could ride George and he agreed and they took off towards the storage room. George noticed Thoravil and went to see what he was doing. Upstairs, McKenzie and Droop went to explore the castle and no one seemed to notice they were gone. Nameless cast Chromatic Orb at one of the cultists who had come out of the darkness. He missed but Keriodan cast a stronger version of Shatter taking her out. Mon Ki kept attacking and soon both of the kobolds were down. They could hear at least one cultists stumbling around in the void darkness. Beauford, Nameless, Althea and Keriodan kept watch on the area they suspected the cultists was in while the others made their way down towards the door where the kobold ninjas came out of. The final cultist dropped from Beauford’s Hunger of Hadar spell and the group made their way south with the others to investigate the area where the kobold ninjas came from.