September 23, 2017 Matthew's One Shot

One day in the future or was it in the past, Mattwise appeared in Phandalin and asked folks to meet him at the edge of town. Flynrich had an important task for them. He went by the Stonehill Inn, the Sleeping Giant, the Shrine of Luck and the Manor House to make sure he told as many people as he knew. Several of them gathered at the edge of town including several new folks. His old friends that were there included: Thalanial, Glamdring, Laucian, Thoravil, Mon Ki, McKenzie and Nattahill. The new folks were: a human druid named Maddie, a wood elf druid named Calen, and a dwarf monk named Jedd. Opening a portal with a ring, he asked them all to step through. When they had gathered he told them he needed test the new members to gain their trust. Calen was not happy with this arrangement but Maddie and Jedd were eager to go. Calen cast Hold Person but Mattwise held up his hand and a ring shined bright reflecting the spell back at Calen. Calen made his save and the spell had no effect. Maddie shifted into polar bear form and ran towards Mattwise holding her attacks. Jedd waited for Mattwise to attack him. Mattwise ran towards Jedd and attacked him hitting him solid and knocking him prone before turning and running towards Calen. Calen moved back 35ft and took out his longbow and fired shot and missed. Jedd did action to stand up and then moved full movement and was able to get a his bonus attack on Mattwise hitting him. Maddie ran towards Mattwise and was able to get one claw swipe in barely hitting him. Ignoring Maddie and Jedd, Mattwise continued towards Calen and hit him once out of his two attacks but it was a solid attack. Calen dropped his bow and taking his quarterstaff he cast Shillelagh and attacked getting a hit in. Jedd approaches but Mattwise knocks him prone again and says “Stay down.” Jedd thinks on it then gets up and runs off. Mattwise focuses his attacks on Calen as Maddie focuses her attacks on Mattwise. Calen is not doing well and Mattwise says “Stay down.” and then turns to Maddie. Calen then heals Maddie as she has taken a number of hits. Mattwise turns back to Calen and hits him harder and this time Calen stays down. Maddie gets a few more attacks in before she too stays down. Mattwise says “That is enough.” He pulls out three small bottles and hands them to them. He takes another one of the bottles and drinks it and says to the other to drink up. They all do and they are all healed and their spell slots are regained. Mattwise then takes everyone, including his old friends and new one and takes to them to introduce them to Flyrich.

Flynrich bumbles around a bit and then introduces himself to those he does not know. He then says: “I need you all to go an important quest for me. I am in need of some of my special items. Items that I need in order to finish over important things. Would you please retrieve my McGuffins for me? Everyone agrees but a few look worried when it is revealed that Mattwise will not be going with the group. He is needed elsewhere Flynrich says.

Flynrich opens a portal and in the group goes. They are on a long path in a semi-dense forest. They do not see anything but they believe they can hear something or some things moving about in the woods. They see movement and Calen recognizes the beast as a Gibbering Mouther. They are about to run down the path when other gibbering mouthers appear out of the woods. Confusion sets in, several folks starting running around in circles. Other attempt to attack the gibbering mouthers but no one gets good hits in. Thalaniel casts Fireball at a small group of them. While it does good damage to it more importantly the pathway opens up and 50ft down the path they see a cave opening. They make a run for the opening and make it.

Sealing off the entrance they explore the cave. It is dark, almost too dark. And it is quiet, almost too quiet. They start to make their way around the side of the room using the wall as their guide. Mon Ki feels and then sees something flying past him. He then is close enough to see the double doors at the far end of the room. There is a riddle. He reads it out to everyone. Calen notices the wording in the last line of the riddle. Soots! he yells. Look for soot on the floor! He bends down and picks up a handful and throws it into the air. The group sees one of the creatures about 50ft off the ground. Just then another of the creatures attacks some of the group from behind and then fly off. Thoravil uses Thaumaturgy to create a big cloud of the soot and ash enough to fill about half of the room. Two of the creatures are outlined. Calen takes advantage of this and cast Faerie Fire on one of them. They are now both seen and it does not take long for them to fall.

As soon as they kill the last one, all 4 orbs light up over the top of the doors and the lock on the door clicks open. What will they find in the next room?