Ehrenfeste is the small town located a few hours travel from the great ruin. It’s total population used to be much larger, but the civil wars and interregnum in the surrounding lands have caused quite an amount of emigration. The population now numbers near one thousand. Most of the people living here now are the long-established citizens whom have lived here for generations, living on any savings and sustenance they may have when business slows.

The leader of Ehrenfeste is Count Otto von Falkenhein, a once great warrior who fought in many of the wars this chaotic realm has waged. He is well-known and respected by the local citizenry for his strong sense of duty and respect for his people. His close second-in-command is Sir Kurt, of Irma. Kurt fought alongside Count Falkenhein in many battles and has earned his deepest respects. Sir Kurt will watch over both his keep in the north, and Ehrenfeste in times that Sir Falkenhein leaves on business (usually twice per year).

Shopping District

Religious Services

Player Constructed Buildings

small statue for a well50 gold
normal statue for a garden100 gold
small stone altar with a spirit gate and small pond (5ft x 5ft)250 gold
small wooden shop with place to sleep in the back (15ft x 15ft)300 gold
single story wooden business such as a tavern, gallery, or gambling den (50ft x 50ft)700 gold
large bronze statue for a town square1,000 gold
two story wooden house in a village (50ft x 50ft)1,500 gold
two story stone house in a village (50ft x 50ft)3,000 gold
two story villa with marble columns and statues in a large town (50ft x 50ft)10,000 gold
Keep out in the wilderness, six stories (65ftx 65ft) and a walled courtyard (30ft x 65ft)75,000 gold

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