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“How do I make a character?!”

Do not fear! This character generator made by one Alex Schroder, will generate a character for you:

Halberds & Helmets Character Generator

You may also consider creating your own character by rolling dice. If you want to do so, roll 3d6 (three 6-sided dice rolled at the same time) for each ability score and follow the rules contained in the handbook below. Use a blank sheet of paper or a character sheet formatted for Labyrinth Lords or D&D basic to record your character information. Have at least a Player Character (from here on referred to as PC) ready for play by each session.

Here is a character creation tutorial you can read to learn how to save generated characters or use them to make an online character sheet of one you created by hand. I will add this to a roster where we can keep track of him/her/it as a group. I’ll add it to the infirmary if it is injured, or the graveyard if it dies.

The current PDF rulebook for Halberds & Helmets is located at the below link. This handbook was again written by Alex Schroder, and all credit goes to him for its development. It is influenced by the Dungeons & Dragons clone, Labyrinth Lords. It’s optional, but you should obtain and read through the LL (Labyrinth Lords) handbook if you’re curious to learn more about the inner workings of Basic D&D (there isn’t much going on in there). EDIT: I have added a early work of the revised H&H handbook, called H&H_K. It is still in early development but contains the majority of the information held within the H&H book. This will eventually take over the use of the H&H handbook completely and should be referred to first before using the other handbook. Download and read through it first before using any other, and check back for updated versions periodically.

H&H Handbook link

I expect all players to have at least a basic grasp of the game’s mechanics before starting play, but don’t worry. The information contained therein is easy to grasp and shouldn’t take but a few minutes to read through.