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< | [[Ragnar]] |=Full |95|0|Fighter 1|2000|[[Ehrenfeste]]|-|Justin|
< | Pascal Sirbrows |Half |95|0|Dwarf 1|2200|[[Ehrenfeste]]|-|Justin|


> | Merlin |Half |95|0|Elf 1|4065|[[Ehrenfeste]]|-|Alex|
> |
[[Ragnar]] |=Full |95|0|Fighter 1|2035|[[Ehrenfeste]]|-|Justin|
> | Pascal Sirbrows |Half |95|0|Dwarf 1|2187|[[Ehrenfeste]]|-|Justin|
> | [[Haram-Be]] |=Full |95|0|Dwarf 1|2187|[[Ehrenfeste]]|missing 3 teeth|Dylan|
> | Romy |Half |95|0|Fighter 1|2035|[[Ehrenfeste]]|-|Dylan

Player Characters / Active Retainers

Character Share XP Gold Level XP next Home Health Player
[[Mezzelgard?]]Full 950Magic-User 12501Ehrenfeste-Alex
Merlin Half 950Elf 14065Ehrenfeste-Alex
[[Ragnar?]]Full 950Fighter 12035Ehrenfeste-Justin
Pascal Sirbrows Half 950Dwarf 12187Ehrenfeste-Justin
[[Haram-Be?]]Full 950Dwarf 12187Ehrenfestemissing 3 teethDylan
Romy Half 950Fighter 12035Ehrenfeste-Dylan

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