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Editing Create or save a random character


This page will teach you how to save or create a character. It’s fairly simple really. All you have to do in order to save it is a few simple steps.

[| H&H Character Generator]

generate a character using the above provided link

click the blue “link” link at the bottom right of the generated character sheet

There are some helpful tips on that page, the blue “character sheet” you should click next.

The web address this takes you to should be bookmarked, that way you can access it at anytime from your phone or computer. This is the link you should go to in order to access your character sheet.

** to edit your character sheet in any way, all you have to do is edit the text you see at step 3. You can do things like add property by adding another “property:” line directly after the others. You must type it exactly as the other lines appear.

Next you must add your character to the Character Roster page. This is so I can keep an easy track of how many characters are present and where they are. I can also edit your characters from here, or you can retrieve them from here if you lose it.

Inform me that you have created a new character, so that I can add a link you can paste the address into.

There will be a new section for you with your character’s name and a “?” next to it. You must click this and paste your bookmarked web address to your character in here and select save at the bottom of the page.

** If I have a character named Steven, the link I should post the address in should like something like this: [[steven?]]

And you’re job is done!

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