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Editing session report week 1


Session Report - Week 1

The first true adventuring party to brave the ancient ruin of Kragnosundun set forth. They trekked for almost a week through the western jungles before finding the dwarven dungeon, beset upon by the giant wildlife. A giant toad thought them for an easy meal, but was no match for these up-jumped adventurers.

Upon reaching the dungeon, they discovered its massive stone doors to be open and jammed agape, vegetation of the jungle creeping into the maw, attempting to retake the manmade structure. The doors depicted a hooded humanoid figure, probably human, arms outstretched and beckoning the players inward. Just inside were altar rooms where the players fought various interloping wildlife. The Dwarf, Haram-Be of the Ape Clan[*b] made quick work of the doors stuck by vegetation. after much noise created by the door removal, a vicious crab-spider was disturbed from deeper within the dungeon, and came skittering from the depths to attack. This creature was no match alone, and fell quickly as Mezzelgard the magic-user[*b] doused it in oil and set it ablaze.

Inside the altar rooms were basins of silver for the party to plunder. Ragnar the fighting man[*b] didn’t feel the need to rob the devout and instead donated a coin to the tithe basins. While clearing away the vegetation in the room, Merlin the elf[*b] hacked away at a giant centipede lurking behind the statue. Fearlessly she engaged with the rest of the brood and the party won effortlessly.

The party encountered a door, heavily locked and with two slits for seeing through. They encountered the ogres Gogg and Dogg[*b], who were quick to anger about the death of their pet spider the party slew. A fight broke out, but the party miraculously defeated the savages. Haram-Be of the Ape Tribe was beaten down and lost a few teeth, but he survived the fight. Romy the fighting mistress[*b] slew Dogg with a mighty blow to the heart. The party assessed the large loot hoard they found, and stayed a night in supposed security within the room.

After a night of sleep amongst the ogre corpses, the party was awakened by the surprise of knocking at the door and a high-pitched voice hailing the now-dead ogres within. “Give us your payment you idiot ogres!” they cried. The party took their sweet time to decide what to do, but in the end, simply opened the eye-slits and told the short dog-creatures, “Shove off and let us sleep! Can’t you see the ogres are dead!?”

The kobolds, amazed by the party’s feat, offered them a job instead of attacking. The evil gnomes caved in the main path to their home corridors. The kobold troop requested that they clear an alternate path to the kobold lair, and that they would surely be rewarded by their ‘Furry Dragon Lord’. They were warned to avoid Goblin Town, for they were an unknown force on this floor of the dungeon, and had highwaymen hobogoblins stationed at a crossroads.

In the end, the party escaped the dungeon to the town of Ehrenfeste safely, surely to return again. Who next will delve into the ancient ruin of Kragnosundun? Will their fate be the same, or will death meet the next ones to enter the dark realm’s gaping maw?

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