Recap February 5, 2020

Ranaer said we have company behind us. 6 more goblins were entering the passageway with the stone door. The stone door that they had forgotten to close. The goblins in the front attacked with scimitars while the goblins in the back attacked with shortbows. St. Calmers cast Sleep which put to sleep 4 out of the 6 goblins. Nadia, Jendragon, and Moonwhisper attacked the other two while Ginko played a fight song and gave bardic inspiration. The goblins fell quickly. They healed themselves and then moved to the passage to the north.

Moonwhisper scouted ahead in stealth. She came to an empty sleeping area. She saw at least 6 messy straw mats arranged around the fell. They all seemed to have been used recently. She moved over to the door and opened it slowly. She saw the bald-headed man with the Xanathar tattoo on his head from earlier that evening at the Yawning Portal standing in front of a door to the northeast. The bald-headed man and three other men were moving furniture up against the door to the northeast. They looked concerned. Another door was to the southeast. Moonwhisper silently moved into the room and was instantly attacked by three duergar that had been invisible.

“You walked into our trap!”

The rest of the group rushed forward to assist Moonwhisper with Nadia and Jendragon attacking with their weapons with St. Calmers and Ginko attacking with spells and giving bardic inspiration. St. Calmer was able to move through the battle to talk to the men. They told him that there was something nasty in the room behind the door and they were trying to keep it from leaving the room. St. Calmers helped them secure the door. The rest of the group finished off the duergar and then were about to attack the men. The bald-headed man turned to them and said. “Look, I have no beef with you. How about this, I tell you what is behind the door to the south and you let me walk out of here. I will not come back. These other guys? I don’t care what you do with them. The other men were surprised to hear this. The group discussed it and then said Okay. The bald-headed man said that the guy they kidnapped was in there along with some of the guild lackeys. Not many of them. You all should be able to handle it.”

“Get out of here. And you other three as well.” Wait, what is in that other door? A black pudding. Nasty creatures. The group then took rags and stuffed them under the small cracks around the door just to be sure. St. Calmers could hear it trying to break through the door.

The group did more healing and the opened the door. The corridor went 35ft to the south ending in a large set of stairs going up. They could not see what was at the top of the stairs. Three of them went to the top of the stairs in stealth. They saw:

Threadbare curtains hang on the east wall of a long hall, in the middle of which a muscular half-orc in dingy robes stands with his foot on the chest of a male human with wavy red-blond hair. Fire burns around the ore’s clenched fist, and his victim cries and squirms helplessly beneath him.

Seated on a raised platform to the south is a nightmar· ish figure wearing black robes. It has large white eyes and rubbery purple skin, with four tentacles encircling its inhuman mouth. It cradles and gently caresses what looks like a disembodied brain with feet. Two more disembodied brains stood on either side of the stone seat.

The nightmarish creature sets down the brain on the floor and sends all three brains to attack the group. The nightmarish creature then glided across the floor to a door to the west that was guard by two humans. The doors opened and the creature floated in and the door shut behind him. Another guard stood on the opposite side of the room. They each had shortbows and they were all aiming at the group. The brains rushed forward and attacked Jendragon, Ginko and St. Calmers. Ginko and Jendragon had their Intelligence lowered with Jendragon going all the way down to 1 but Ginko only went to 10. Jendragon then rushed forward past the brain and stood in the seat on top of the dais.

Moonwhisper attacked one of the guards from stealth. It fell. Calmers and Nadia attacked the half-orc. The man on the floor must be Floon. They could see how someone who did not know him would mistake him for Ranaer. They took out the brains who were not able to affect anyone else. The half-orc began to look discouraged so he cast Fireball on the ground at his feet taking himself, Calmers, Nadia, Ginko out. Moonshadow grabbed a healing potion and brought Nadia back up. Nadia then cast healing spells on everyone while Moonwhisper took out the guards but the one that had gone to attack Jendragon. Jendragon knew enough to attack the thug. Moonwhisper assisted Jendragon and soon the thug fell. Ranaer went to Floon. Nadia gave Floon a healing potion. Floon opened his eyes and then began to smile. He stood up and hugged all of his rescuers. He then said. “We have to go! They will be back. We should go into that room and he pointed to a seemingly empty room to the northeast. They escorted Floon to the room. Ranaer was holding onto him to make sure he did not fall again. St. Calmers picked up Jendragon to make sure he would not wander off again. Moonshadow instantly saw the raised flagstone and knew a secret door was under it. They removed the stone and saw an earthen set of steps leading down to a passage. They all followed the passage until it ended at a makeshift ladder leading up to another trapdoor. They pushed up a little to see what was above. They saw two pairs of halfling feet and they could hear two folks talking about the fine beer that they were drinking. The group pushed their way into the cellar and saw an older halfling and a younger halfling enjoying a pint of stout. The halfings’ eyes widen and the older one stumbled a sentence that sounded like “What are you doing in my cellar?”

The group explained what had happened and who had made the secret tunnel. The halfling asked if they would help him and his son move the larger keg over the secret door so others would not be able to use it until he could get repairmen to come and fill it up. They agreed. One they were finished the halflings offered them a beer. After the beer was finished he showed them the way out of his house. They passed the kitchen where his wife and small children watched the parade of adventurers leave their house.

The group rushed back to the Yawning Portal. It was 3 am and there were not many people left in the building. They did see Durnan behind the bar. He waved at them and then said, he is in the back and pointed to the table where Volo sat nursing a mug of ale. They walked over to him and said Volo, we found Floon. Volo jumped up and hugged Floon and Ranaer. Durnan arrived with three wine goblets and gave them to Volo saying here is your usual. He then took the groups’ orders.

After they had spoken about all that had happened, Floon excused himself. Durnan said that your regular room is open. Floon thanked them all again and then went to his room.

Volo then spoke:

“I confess that I have but few coins to spare. But never let it be said that Volo reneges on a promise. Allow me to present something much more valuable.” He holds out a scroll tube. ‘’The deed to a remarkable property here in Waterdeep! We’ll need a magistrate to witness the transfer of ownership. I’ll arrange a meeting with one after you’ve inspected the estate and deemed it satisfactory.”

The group discussed it and it seemed like a good idea. They would wait till the morning and then around 9 am, Ranaer, Volo and the group would head to Trollskull Alley to see Trollskull Tavern, an old run-down Inn that hasn’t been open for some years now.

Volo recently bought the property because it is rumored to be haunted, and he was hoping that investigating it might yield a chapter for his next book, Volo:S Guide to Spirits and Specters.

And if the building was satisfactory, they would head to the Castle Ward to make things official. Volo said he would make an appointment with Kylynne Si!merhelve at highsun. Calmers knew who this magistrate was. She was fair in all that she did.

The group then went to wherever they had their rooms in Waterdeep agreeing to meet in front of the Yawning Portal a little before 9 am to travel to the North Ward to see the inn. It would take around 30 minutes to walk and 10 to 15 if they took public transportation.