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Collag Island

the island named after the Hyena Warlord entombed on it. It’s port is inhabited by a few permanent residents. This is the place young Hyena warriors come to prove themselves.

the young indeed are told to go there and face [some mythical gnoll monsters] and stay there all night. then the elders listen to tales the young tell - since they know there wasn’t anything, but gnollings are convinced there was, they’ll often tell tales how they fought something and it ran away, or how cunningly they escaped something, or how there actually wasn’t anything. it’s mostly a test of character.

the warlord’s spirit sometimes bestow a blessing or an advice to such a gnolling, marking them as chosen (to be shamans, or adventurers, or whatever)

could be an adventure hook when gnolling comes back telling tales of a fight with a monster, but unlike others bears wounds or a trophy to prove it, meaning something bad DID move in

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