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Eagle Island

An island inhabited mostly by somewhat civilized Eaglepeople.

The two major settlements are Talondra in the north and Eagle's Rest in the south. A mountain range seperates them. Both towns have harbors, but only the foolish would dock in Eagle’s Rest since the town is the lair of Giant Eagles who might attack.

When raiding at sea, eaglepeople use heavily armored ships from which they take flight and land on enemy vessels to board them.

Eagle’s Rest


The town is abandoned and on top of the old towers and buildings, giant eagles roost there now. From time to time, Eaglepeople come to the town to nurse injured Giant Eagles back to health. The eagles tolerate the beastmen for this reason.

Sometimes the eagles also harrass passing ships.


Talondra is a port city on Eagle Island. It is inhabited by Eaglepeople. In case of a serious raid, most Eaglepoeple fly to the mountains, where the enemy can’t reach them and only motivated volunteers stay behind.