The Dragon’s Maze is an offshore archipelago west of the Silver Cities, an alliance of city states. The Maze separates two Continents and favourable currents would make it a Waystation for intercontinental trade but the region is fractured and insular. Many factions compete for control here.

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The Calidyn Navy

The Navy consists of both warships and merchant vessels. Admiral Lurit Pearlseal (F9) is in command. Lord Mayor EƱasm Battleprices (MU11) of Calidyn is the primary financer.

Forces: 8 War Galleys, 18 Merchant Ships (9 small, 5 large, 3 small galley, 1 medium galley)

Domain: Calidyn, Calin Island, Baltha Island

Claims: Saruntar, Eagle Island, Oros, Pale Isle, Northway

The Pirates, the self proclaimed Empire of the Endless Ocean

A loose coalition of pirates and monsters operating from Fang Island. The elected leader is one Lady Burgundee (T10), who commands the most ships. The Monsters include: Lynxmen, Ogres, Minotaurs and Hill Giants.

Forces: 7 small sailing ships, 4 large sailing ships, 1 War Galley

Domain: Kinfang, Fang Cave

Claims: Centaur Island, Lone Isle, Watchtower, Outer Isle, Dragon's Island, Eagle Island, Lower Kinien, Oros

The Betezog Horde

A migrating horde consisting primarily of Gnolls has landed on the Island of Betezog and have established a Stronghold. General Happy leads them.

Domain: Betezog, Gornor

Claims: These savages do as they please

The Lysean Empire

On the island of Lysill, the Lysean Empire from beyond the sea has established a citadel. Viceroy Tarnus Razorswords has declared that Lysea will not rest until the region is pacified. Lyseas armies are feared on the battlefields beyond the sea but can they prevail here?

Domain: Lysill

Forces: 1 War Galley, 2 Large ships, 4 small ships

Claims: Dragonstone Island, Griffon Island, Outer Isle, Albor, Dragon's Tomb, Lone Isle


What drives a man to neutrality? Is it lust for gold? Power? Or was he just born with a heart filled with neutrality.

These people aren’t allied or aligned with anyone, but they have small navies.

Northway, ships coming from the north often come through here. Humans have settled here in numbers.

Lothdyn, located on the isle of Loth, this town inhabited by painted barbarians has never been conquered. Their sister tribe lives on Saruntar

Saruntar, The barbarians living here posess excellent weapons and their warriors are fierce.

Galbag and Mintarn, The Hyenas of Galbag and the Minotaurs of Mintarn have been fighting for supremacy. The Minotaurs have the upper hand right now.

Upper Kinien and Lower Kinien are two goblin realms located on two seperate islands that once connected to eachother. It is said that long ago a Demon Lord sundered the island. The goblins of Upper Kinien began worshipping the demon while the goblins of Lower Kinien refused him.

Centaur Island: The mythical Centaur creatures are said to live on this island, but no one has seen them since the dawn of history. The search for them is further inconvenienced by Were Creatures.

[[Bandit's_Isle?]]: The dwarven warlord Bomrek Kubuki (D10) has taken up residence here. With his invicible ironclad ship Ironkeel he is the true scourge of the seas for he respects no authority and cannot be trusted, doing as he pleases.


Don’t spoil yourself by reading through these!

Collag Island the island named after the Hyena Warlord entombed on it. It’s port is inhabited by a few permanent residents. This is the place young Hyena warriors come to prove themselves.

Lyra a settlement that took a stand against the pirates of Kinfang, but was destroyed once the defense force from Calidyn lost a decisive battle.

Oros an uninhabited island because it has no natural port. A stone Monolyth stands on the island carved like an eye.

Dragon's Tomb an uninhabited island with no natural port. A large tomb is in the center of the island. Strange fires can be seen at night.

Griffon Island has no natural port. Griffons land here on trips between continents and there is always a few present. Hunting parties sometimes come here.

Albor: The wizard Albor lived here alone in his madness. One day, all inhabitants of the small port had vanished. Sometimes, ships passing by can see his ghost at the docks. Only the brave would choose this port in a storm.

Fang Cave: located on a small island south of Kinfang this cave is located. It is home to many monsters and probably an entrance to the Depths of the World as well. Sometimes, these monsters enlist with the pirate crews of Kinfang.

Calin Island: Calin Henge is on this island. The henge is a holy site of Elrath, the dragon aspect.

Baltha Island: Baltha Henge, which is located on this island, is a holy site to Mera, the aspect of water


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