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The Pirate haven. The first settlers, who were pirates themselves, named the island after a fang-shaped monolith on the island. The pirates often hire monsters that live in the Fang Cave.

Lady Burgundee commands the most ships among the pirates and is the chairwoman of the pirate council. She has dubbed the pirates’ domain the Empire of the Endless Ocean

Pirate Council

Lady Burgundee she inherited most of her assets from her father Bounty: 250’000 Dead or Alive

Rabin the Giant Bounty: 150’000 Dead or Alive

Tuco the Mantis (F7) Bounty: 100’000 Dead or Alive

Mugen the stranger (F7) Bounty: 50’000 Only Alive, half if dead

Norgoth the Minotaur “Emperor of the Endless Ocean” Bounty: 30’000 Dead or Alive

Arbito the gambler (F5) Bounty: 18’000 Dead or Alive

Tamun the dragon (F5) Bounty: 12’500 Dead or Alive

Renhart Whirlbanner (F5) Bounty: 10’000 Dead or Alive