Clever Thing

Requirement: Take something important, conceal it on yourself, and have it stand up to searching.

Backgrounds: Urchin (rags, a fishing pole), Courtesan (fine clothes, perfumes), Revenant (mouldy suit, poison)

Every Template of Clever Thing gives +2 Pockets

  1. Hidden Pockets, Light _____
  2. This for That
  3. Great At Crime
  4. Phantom

Hidden Pockets

You have 2 extra inventory slots. Items you store in them can’t be found by anyone unless you want them to.

Light _____

You have a special talent, chosen from among the following:

  1. Light Fingers - You disarm a trigger/You bypass a lock
  2. Light Feet - Move Silently for a minute/jump twice as far as you should be able to
  3. Light Tongue - Make someone believe you/make someone who doesn’t speak your language vaguely understand
  4. Light Touch - Seduce someone/knock someone out
  5. Light Reading - Know the layout of the next 3 rooms/skim a book and get the gist of it
  6. Light Heart - Know someone who can help/resist fear

You may use either ability at any time. When you use an ability, it takes up one inventory slot. When you discard that use, its effects run out, or even reverse. If you disable someone, discarding the ability you used for that will make them suddenly hot on your trail. If you gain an ally, discarding that ability makes them betray you. You can safely discard abilities after a week at a safehouse.

This for That

If you switch an object with one of similar shape and weight, no one will notice until the next time it’s used or until 12 hours have passed. If it would be very difficult to make the switch (I.E. its actively held by a person), you can spend an inventory slot to do so anyways. The switch will be noticed if you discard that slot.

Great At Crime

Choose an additional Light ____ talent. Also, the effects of discarding a use of an ability come one turn after you discard it.


If you aren’t seen, you can make it to any other place that isn’t seen without traveling through the intervening space. This still takes the amount of time it would normally take at walking speed as the crow flies, and for every minute you do so this ability takes up one inventory slot. You cannot discard these.