Requirement: Partake of distilled magic. Lose the templates of this class when it wears off.

Backgrounds: Scholar (robes, 1d4 scrolls of lore), Drugling (scant clothing, a pipe), Fairy Child (lily-pad vestments, a Gift and a Promise you made)

Each Level of Sorcerer gives +1 Maximum Magic Dice

  1. Odd Sight, Spells
  2. The Twelve-Branched Wand
  3. Palimpsest
  4. Wizardry

Odd Sight

There’s a crack in your mind that lets you see beyond the world. Information you gain is no longer just discrete facts, but forms a mental pattern, like a crystal of thought. When you gain new information, you can take 1 charisma or wisdom damage and gain an extra piece of information as you extrapolate from underlying and unknowable truths. When you do this, you also become aware of the presence of supernatural creatures and influences within the same room as you. The information you gain from this ability counts as new information.


You know 3 Spells. One of these spells is Distill Magic. The other is Sorcerous Blast. The final is determined randomly, or, if the DM chooses, by you.

The Twelve-Branched Wand

Magic has taken root in you. You learn two more spells, and Distilled Magic doesn’t wear off until you spend your last MD.


When you rest, your mind can restructure itself. Firstly, you regain 1 MD per night. Secondly, you can roll any number of MD to experiment with your spells. You may change one aspect of your spell for each MD that rolls a 6. The spell must stay at the same general power level.


You are magic. When you cast a spell, you may change one aspect of that casting for each MD that rolls a 6