Strife's Child

Requirement: get bored or annoyed in the middle of a dangerous situation. Lose these templates if you ever use a different weapon.

  1. Proficiency, Abscond
  2. Motifs
  3. Extra Proficiency
  4. Finisher


Choose a type of weapon. You can only fight with weapons of that type. If your only weapon changes type (for instance if it breaks), your proficiency changes to that weapon type. Weapon types are either grade 1 (a definite weapon, like a sword or spear), grade 2 (a weapon you might use in a pinch, like a golf club or flashlight, or a broken grade 1), or grade 3 (this isn’t and theoretically can’t be used as a weapon). Each turn, you may increase your to-hit, damage, or AC by [level]*[grade] points, decreasing one of the others by that many points. This resets the next round.


You can always flee from combat


[level] times per day, you may start a sort of fighting-dance. This gives you a +1 to hit and damage for one round. If you hit an attack that round, it increases to +2 next round, +3 next, etc. onwards to +[level+1]. If you fail to hit an opponent in a round, the bonus goes away completely.

Also you are really good at regular dancing.

Extra Proficiency

You gain one extra weapon type you can use.


Invent a finisher for your motif. Finishers are powerful abilities that can only be activated after the motif has progressed at least 3 rounds and is at its highest movement. They immediately end the motif’s bonus.