Sword Artist

Requirement: Kill a being with one strike, without hesitation or regret

Backgrounds: Soldier (Uniform, a bomb), Princeling (Cloak and Circlet, a large ruby), Otherworlder (Strange Clothes, Swiss army knife)

  1. Sword Art, Soul of Flame
  3. War Aspect

Sword Art

By focusing for one round, you may unleash an attack that always hits and deals an extra d4 damage for each sword artist template you have. If this doesn’t kill them, you’ve misaligned your meridians and can’t use this until you rest.

Soul of Flame

When you attack with a Sword Art, white flames kindle around you. You do not control these fires, but they do not hurt you. They will burn shit down though, and the fires they start can hurt you.


You can choose to sunder your weapon when you use your sword art. When you do, the d4’s become the weapon’s die. For the rest of the fight, your pure killing intent functions as that weapon (though melee if it was ranged).

War Aspect

When you fight with your pure killing intent, it instead functions as any weapon you have held before. Fights don’t end until everyone you can reach in one turn is dead.


When you kill a being that did not die instantly to your sword art, your meridians are re-aligned, and you count as having an extra sword artist template

(You do not have to use a sword to be a sword artist)