Caliantewi's Tree

1908 : This is the Silver Birch Wood. Tall trees cover this valley. Occasionally, you can see tree stumps so somebody must be logging these trees.

This is Caliantewi’s Tree , a town of 100 humans (HD 1 AC 8 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 7 XP 100). The small stone huts are protected by a keep, a town wall and the river.

The magic user Melly (level 10) lives in the keep. The spells known are based on The Book of Pyromancy by Ysabala Devilsdaughter:

  1. ball of fire, fire resistance, flame cloak
  2. firetrap, illusion, flaming blade
  3. fireball, flame arrows, feasting
  4. wall of fire, wellness, summoning a lord of fire
  5. rain of fire, fire proofing

A scroll of fire ball (6d6, save vs. spells for half). An elven silver dagger +1/+3 vs. devils. A silver crown +1 commemorating the immortal Ellor. A helmet of the bull , grants an extra attack when charging into a fight: on a hit, an opponent no larger than yourself is thrown to the ground such that your allies get a +2 to attack them.

Their retainer is the knight Ibraahim (level 7). A potion of flying (light apricot yellow, smelling like the sea, 1h).

Their follower, the knight Meneo (level 2), also lives here. An elven long sword +1 with elven runes in memory of Root Strong.

There is also a huge gallows with 11 hanged people hanging there as a dire warning.

Melly Ibraahim Meneo