1510 : This is the Silver Birch Wood. There is a clearing in this forest where a weathered statue of Mitra still stands.

40 orcs led by Golgol (HD 6) live here (HD 1 AC 6 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 8 XP 100). 7000 gold coins. A potion of silver tongue (royal purple, silvery flakes, 1h, everybody who hears your voice must save vs. spells or be charmed ). They keep a low profile, living deep in the forest, but lone travellers, or fools that don’t make it back to the village before sunset, or reckless idiots looking for trouble, they’ll all find the orcs to be more than willing to kill.

This is Deercrag , a village of 140 humans (HD 1 AC 8 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 7 XP 100). The log cabins are protected by 7 war dogs (HD 2+1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 18 ML 6 XP 200) and a ditch. There is a small manor house. The manor house is connected to a walled courtyard with stables, barns and everything a rich land lord needs.

The wizard Pranevera (level 10) lives in the manor house. The spells known are based on The Book of Aquamancy by Jezembal the Ice Queen:

  1. icicles, wave
  2. energy, tentacles, frozen path
  3. water way, water breathing, ice storm
  4. frozen slumber, flash flood, part water
  5. ice castle, ice bridge

An elven dagger +1 with elven runes commemorating the slaying of the green dragon Jade End of the Trees. A silver crown +1 commemorating the immortal Paderu.

Their retainer is the knight Noél (level 8). A scroll of unlocking doors (unlocks and unbars a door up to 2m wide). The ancient spear Fur Hunter +1/+3 vs. mammals, a relic of the Old Lizard Wars, blessed by Set.

Their friend, the warrior Layana (level 3), also lives here. A potion of strength (zaffre, silvery flakes, 20min, strength 18). A map to 9 jewels hidden in a secret compartment in the dwarven forge Anvil (1506). An elven long sword +1 with elven runes naming its owner: Osgartarlanc.

Luckily, no secret societies have established themselves here.

Pranevera is willing to pay 500gp to whoever brings back the outlaw Deadly Hawk (1109), dead or alive.

There is a refugee camp, here. You can recognise the black and green colours of Duke Shiro amongst the rags (blazon: per pale Sable and Vert a wolf Or). 30 survivors (HD 1 AC 8 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 7 XP 100) are camped here, leaderless and despondent.

The locals are no longer willing to support the refugees, calling them maggots and worms and worse. Nobody is willing to kill, however, and so the situation just lingers, the refugees too weak to kill the locals and simply take what they need and the locals to afraid to do away with the extra mouths.

Anarawd’s Channel runs through here. There’s a ford.

Cattle Path, Old Sheep Trail to Hungrymouth, and Sheep Road meet here, at the old Ouria milestone.

Golgol Pranevera Noél Layana