1808: This is the Silver Birch Wood. The trees along the trails through this forest have all been coppiced, i.e. cut down near the ground level in order to produce wood.

There’s a cave in these woods where ettin Punch and Break used to live. He’s been killed a while ago.

This is Springrill , a thorp of 30 humans (HD 1 AC 8 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 7 XP 100) led by Enno the miller. The thatched huts are protected by 6 war dogs (HD 2+1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 18 ML 6 XP 200). 1000 silver coins. These village-folk are charing prayer scrolls for ashes to waft in the breeze.

The local smith is a quiet one called Özgür. You can get your mules shod and your ploughs fixed. Surprisingly, they have some interesting things for sale: a short sword @ 14gp, a spear @ 3gp, a shield @ 10gp, and a spiked club @ 2gp.

Gold Trail starts here, going south to Lingwell.

Enno Özgür