Wet Prairie

2008: This is the Silver Birch Wood. The trees along the trails through this forest have all been coppiced, i.e. cut down near the ground level in order to produce wood.

This is Wet Prairie , a village of 240 humans (HD 1 AC 8 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 7 XP 100). The log cabins are protected by 5 war dogs (HD 2+1 AC 7 1d6 F1 MV 18 ML 6 XP 200) and a river flowing around it. There is a small keep. The keep consists of a square tower three stories high, a stable, a kennel, and a little courtyard enclosed by a strong wall. Inside the wall is a wooden walkway that allows guards to look over the wall and shoot anybody approaching.

The magic user Kevin (level 9) lives in the keep. The spells known are based on The Book of Geomancy by Zorkan of Mount Whiterock:

  1. stone fist, flying stones, magic message
  2. golem craft, speak with stones, raise stone
  3. stone skin, rock swim, rock throwing
  4. split the ground, earth ship,
  5. earthblood mastery

A potion of cold resistance (red, silvery flakes, 1h). A scroll of bashing walls (punch a hole 20m wide and deep into anything made of wood, earth or stone; living things, textiles, leather, metal, and all that are not affected). The dagger Heart Eater +1/+3 vs. humans, with etchings on its blade showing a human sacrifice. A pair of black iron broken manacles +2 with fiendish runes dedicating its wearer to Nergal. A ring of the bully which allows you to shove anybody and anything within 60ft, and if this puts your victim in harm’s way then they must save vs. death or suffer the consequence.

Their retainer is the knight Arman (level 7). A scroll of moving ice (grow an ice bridge up to 30m long from existing snow or ice). An elven cloak (5 in 6 chance of hiding in the wilderness using magic camouflage when standing still).

There is a temple dedicated to Hel. The temple is a warren dug into a hill. It smells of death. At the entrance, votive offerings have been placed on shelves. Most of these are small statues and dolls, prayers for recovery or peace in the afterlife, or people begging for guidance. Down below, however, when you reach the oldest layers of the settlement, a terrible secret is revealed: a big pit full of baby skeletons. In the old days, children would be sacrificed down here.

Carefully practicing their acts as they stop on their circuit through the area is the circus Lion’s Mane Menagerie, rumored to be comprised entirely of thieves. Circled and tethered are their tired work horses near their 6 sturdy wagons.

Chlodosind’s Rindle flows through here. There’s a ford.

Salt Mud Road, Cattle Road, Sunken Road, and Cattle Way meet here, by the Esgadil elf stone.

Kevin Arman