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Very little is known about Mithas. Nobody seems to know what his last name is, why he has come to Fort Methis, why the Lord Kormin puts such stock in his information, and why he seems to think that the Lord is in danger of assassination. Few people on the street trust this new name, and many are beginning to openly question why this person that nobody seems to know should have such a high position in the cabinet. Lord Kormin has not been forthcoming with explanations, but he is quick to defend Mithas whenever someone speaks ill of him in his presence. Most people have taken to calling him the Sorcerer, but little is known about what kind of abilities he might have, if any. Some rumors actually say that he has no magical abilities at all, but is simply an extremely silver-tounged man, who always knows what to say. Whatever the case is, Mithas has a great deal of power in Fort Methis, and has made a powerful enemy in Chancellor Vidane, who’s position he has usurped, if not in name, but definitely in fact.