The Quickened Fields

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The Quickened fields are a largely unexplored (and unexplained) region in the northeast, that continuously spits out the undead. Lots of undead. All the time. Nobody is really sure what is going on here, but the dead seem to congregate here, and there is no true explination as to why it happens.

There are stories about star-crossed lovers who have travelled here in search of their slain parners, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but these tales always manage to be tradgedies. The truth is that people have occasionally recognized these undead, sometimes people who were killed and buried miles away, to the other end of the continent, and nobody can explain how these have gotten there. Heirlooms and artifacts have been identified that positively show that these remains are coming from other areas, but there is no explanation as to why or how this happens. Also, animated skeletons and zombies of creatures that live in other areas, or even creatures that have not been seen elsewhere. Occasionally, tales have been told of other types of undead, that don’t resemble anything seen in other lands, terrible creatures that defy description. These tales are few and far between, but there are plenty of tales of people who don’t come out of the Quickened Fields once they enter, and many of these are attributed to such creatures.

The one great mystery of the Quickened Fields is why they don’t overflow and send undead careening into the surrounding towns. There are numerous small villages that live close by the borders of the Fields, and yet they remain fairly unmolested. Occasionally, there’s a zombie or a skeleton that wanders through the town, but they don’t get overrun by the teeming undead that live in the Fields. There have been some studies of the fields, and there doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast edging to the area, the undead seem to freely walk out when they do so, but they simply don’t walk that way very often.

Of course, there are theories as to how this works, but the fact that the undead seem to be coming from other areas of the world throws off most of these. Some believe that there is a portal near the center of the fields that opens onto another plane of existence, where the dead go after this world, but many people do not want to believe this, as it doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of the afterlife, and what is happening to their beloved ones.