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Akalastiar is a very unusual city, in that magic of all types do not work here. The leader of the city is a man who only goes by “The Fakir”. Over 100 years ago, magic simply stopped working in this city. The result was civil unrest on a level unlike the city had never seen before. The govenment that had been in place was deposed and executed, and the city was in complete chaos. One day, a man appeared, and began walking through the city, quelling the unrest one area at a time. As time went on, he developed a following, and eventually, the poplulation of the city began to see him as a holy man. He didn’t sieze power so much as it was given to him. There is of course some speculation as to his history, and heritage, and he rarely allows people to see him without his robes, which cover the majority of his head and face. Stories are told about him having horrible scars on his head, but nobody is sure that this is even true, let alone what it means.

Population: 6000 (all races) City Guard: 500

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