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So, you want to know my storey? Fine, you asked for it. My name is Glyrddan, and I’m an asshole. I wasn’t always an asshole. The only things that matter to me are vengeance and the gathering of the power I need to gain it. This is the tale of how I became what I am today.

I was born twenty-three years ago in Autumn Leaves in the Feywild. I was the forth and final child of my parents, the Lord and Lady of Autumn. My earliest memories are of playing in the halls of our gleaming crystal tower and of Hargadon, my teacher, bodyguard, and caregiver. What? You have a problem with that? My parents were important people and couldn’t be expected to raise a child who wasn’t their heir. I understood that and accepted it. I also do not need or want your sympathy.

Hargadon was a capable soldier and very schooled in history and nature. He taught me what he could. I admit I wasn’t an attentive student. I found history and studying plants unbelievably boring. I was going to be a warrior when I was grown. Fate had another course in mind for me though. I never developed the strength of arm to be a capable fighter.

That dream having been crushed, I was sent by Hargadon to learn the art of spells. My new master was Valonius, my parents’ new advisor in all things arcane. I spent my last two years in the Feywild under his tutelage. Apparently I had a gift for spells and was quick to learn. Valonius and I spent hours every day talking about all manner of things. He was the only friend I had except for Hargadon. He seemed eager for me to teach him what I knew of my home and parents and he taught me about, well, nearly everything else.

One morning I was awakened by Hargadon rushing into my room and telling me to grab my things. He said we were fleeing the city. I asked why. He told me that Valonius had slaughtered my parents and older siblings and taken control of the city. He was on his way to kill me next. I was obviously shaken by this news, but even more when I realized it was my fault. I’m the one who provided him with all the information about the tower and my family. I was the trusting fool who got his family killed and handed his homeland over to a murdering tyrant.

Hargadon and I made a run for the city gate. He was killed by an arrow of one of the guards who were apparently already loyal to the new lord as we neared the gate. This loss hurt more than any of them so far. I managed to kill one of the guards with one of the few spells I knew and escape through the gate. I fled into this realm and haven’t been back to the Feywild since. That was over a year ago. I have wandered this realm, where things move so quickly, looking to find the power I need to return and extract my vengance. Always looking over my shoulder for pursuit or the assassins I know will eventually find me. How do you get vengeance on someone who has taken everything from you by pretending to be your friend? I don’t know, but hope to figure it out before that time comes.

Obviously I don’t trust anyone anymore. I learned a hard lesson. Trust must be earned through actions and deeds, not mere words. Maybe someday I’ll find people who I can count on again. Maybe I won’t. Who knows? I do know that I will have my revenge. Even if it takes me hundreds of years and costs me my life, Valonius will suffer as I have.

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