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Homepath is a combination of travel location and city known for it’s dwarven population. This city was once a stronghold of a dwarven nation, that spanned much of the continent, but now, the dwarven population has waned, and the general atmosphere of the cities of the world are much more peaceful now, so the dwarves have adapted over the centuries to improve their situation, and to help the rest of the people by opening up a passage through the mountains. Homepath is still a stronghold, but the main passageway beween the two great gates has been cleared for travel. Now the city gains taxes primarily through tarrifs of merchants avoiding going around the mountains the wrong way. There is still a dwarven king, but he is largely a figurehead now, a situation that he is fully aware of, and resents terribly. The city is largely run now by a conglomerate of merchants, who the king takes his marching orders from, and he is consistently looking for an excuse to go back to divine rule, even though he puts a good face on it for the public.

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