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Editing Kormin


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Lord Kormin has been in charge of Fort Methis for decades. He is a strong leader, and is well liked by the people. Of course, eveyone has enemies, and Lord Kormin has annoyed a number of people over the years, but he likes to say that “at least it’s the criminals who don’t like me. When the rest don’t like you is when you have real trouble.” He’s overall a good natured man, but he takes his duties seriously, and will come down hard on anyone who causes issues in his town. Recently, he has begun to worry about the possibility of assasination, mostly due to what his new advisor Mithas has been telling him. This paranoia about assassins resulted in the arrest of the party, as Mithas told Lord Kormin that he saw a group of adventurers in a vision, who would be his downfall.

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