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Editing Telastin


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The Kingdom of Telastin is the most civilized area of the known world. Referred to as “The 7 Cities”, it is actually an extended region of safety nestled in the crook of the southwestern arm of the Ridgeback Mountains. Surrounded by three sides by mountains, it is protected from many of the forces that ravage the other cities in more wilderness areas. However, the blight has not completely left Telastin untouched. Though protected by a wall guarded against invasion from the outside, it has not stopped corruption from decaying this kingdom from within. It is generally accepted that there are 7 Cities to this kingdom, although there are plenty of civilized areas outside of the cities, but within the walls of one, there is evil that has destroyed the city from the inside out. Berth, the eastern-most city of the kingdom has been a blackened spot on the map for almost two centuries now. Legends abound about what happened to this once-prosperous portion of the kingdom, but very few return from inside the city walls to tell what has befallen the city.

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