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The world’s cliff mountains are called that, due to the fact they are (or at least so far have proven to be) completely impassable. They are populated by a mix of dragon-bred creatures such as wyverns, Giants, and various polar creatures. No one has found any reason to live here, there is no real treasure to be found here (at least nobody has found any yet), and the terrain and climate is too rough for most people to live here comfortably. Lately there have been some rumors of people managing to pass these mountains, to find the other side lush and habitable, but the question that is always raised is why would someone bother to come back if that were true?

The World’s cliff mountains are riddled with caverns, and some say that these caverns travel all the way through the mountain range, as well as down inside the earth to realms that are not currently understood. The old legend of an “underworld” stems from these caverns, and many people believe that if you are brave enough to travel through these to the other side, you will find a paradise under a different sun.

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