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  • Filled in some background information on some of the main NPCs’
  • Added Pictures for Berth, Captain Huron, and Methis.

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Entered story so far for 9/14, created better links for People of note and characters.

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Updated overall story, added Chancellor Vidane, Lord Kormin, and Sorcerer Mithas to persons of note.

Comments on 2008-09-10

Added some naviagtion links, to make it easier to look around.

– Draux 2008-09-10 14:02 UTC

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-Entered backstory information for Xanthorn Hammerfeld. Hope you guys manage to get the cleric to remember he needs to heal you from time to time! -Still waiting on backstories from Walker and Oliver, if you’re going to submit something. -Not sure why the picture of the world map isn’t working, will look into it when I have a second.

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  • updated mod campaign story history
  • updated character information for Mike and Chris, took down all other character information, as things have not been set for the rest yet.

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Added the Mod Campaign link, where I’ll keep notes on what’s happening in the mod campaign.

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Woot Howdy, just figured out how to post pictures on this thing. We’re on our way :)

-New info, just learned how to create picture links, and add pictures to text. I’ll get the hang of this yet

Comments on 2008-07-19

still trying to figure out what’s going on here :)

– Draux 2008-07-19 02:40 UTC

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