1PDC 2011 Essays

I’d love a little essay by Zak because of the Vornheim map. The topic would be “subjective dungeon maps” or something along those lines. Does Mullen play? If he does, an essay on his 2009 entry. There were other such maps; I just need to find them and see about send their authors some mail. Perhaps the Cartography Guild has some leads as well.

I’d also like to give the author of the Go Make Me A Sandwich blog an opportunity to write something regarding dungeons or generic fantasy role-playing and gender issues. How the game could be an opportunity because it doesn’t impose gender issues, but how we carry them into the games, how some products transport them, or how dungeon art focuses on location instead of people and is therefore less sexist. Or is it?

John Stater of Land of Nod. Blair of Planet Algol. Geoffrey of Carcosa. They write a lot of material that seems to be short, concise, and suitable for a sandbox campaign. A similarity of values. And One Page Dungeons are ideal for placing them in these sandboxes.