1PDC 2011 Things To Remember

When I get a submission:

  1. write a short thank you note back letting them know you got it
  2. tag the mail “1pdc”
  3. save the entry into the special folder using “author name – dungeon name.pdf” (convert to PDF if necessary)
  4. add author name, email address, dungeon name and blog post to Google spreadsheet
  5. add “dungeon name by author name” optionally followed by a link to the blog post to the contest page

In 2010 we got less than half the number of submissions we got for 2009. Why is that? Perhaps we failed to reach out to D&D 4E DMs. Next year, remember to:

  1. Contact more bloggers outside the old school. Focus on blogs that write for dungeon masters. Help me collect a list of blogs to consider.
    1. Gnomestew
    2. Musings of the Chatty DM
    3. Roleplaying Tips
    4. Dungeon Mastering
    5. Newbie DM
    6. (add more to this list)
  2. get more involved with the Wizards of the Coast community site
  3. write some generic hints to help people reduce the file size of their submissions (don’t include embedded fonts and vector data) – this year submissions ranged from 32KB to 16.5MB!