1PDC 2012 Checklist

  1. Update website ✓
  2. Write mail to those who volunteered for judging since 2011 ✓
  3. Write mail to former judges and ask them to come back ✓
  4. Write announcement
  5. Verify that all the judges are on the mailing list
  6. Get list of forums, blogs, and podcasts to contact (ongoing) ✓
  7. Get list of potential sponsors ✓
  8. Post announcements April 1 or earlier ✓
  9. Contact sponsors ✓
  10. Update page with judges volunteering ✓
  11. Make sure all the judges have access to the files via Dropbox ✓
  12. Update page with prizes being sponsored (ongoing) ✓
  13. Update page with submissions received (ongoing) ✓
  14. Get list of potential op-ed authors by April 8
  15. Post two week reminder on Sunday April 15
  16. Finalize list of submissions on the web page ✓
  17. Assemble submission bundle for judges and layout, make it all available via Wuala ✓
  18. Write introduction for the contest PDF
  19. Contact sponsors and ask for missing name, URL, and 300 dpi logo file
  20. Write introduction for each of the judges ✓
  21. Write announcement ✓
  22. Double check announcement with judges ✓
  23. Post announcement ✓
  24. Party!! :)

And of course the process for judges runs in parallel.

  1. Read submissions ✓
  2. Post nominations ✓
  3. Create first list ✓
  4. Discuss and make second list ✓
  5. Contact winners and ask for prize preferences ✓
  6. Create prize list
  7. Contact sponsors
  8. Send stuff I have locally
  9. Post about it

Assuming a width of one to two inches and print quality, I think logos should be at least 300 pixels per side with a preferred size of 600-1000 pixels per side.

Creating the archive:

7z a -tzip -mx9 '-i!1PDC 2012/*.jpg' '-i!1PDC 2012/*.pdf' ~/'1PDC 2012.zip'

Creating the PDF:

pdftk Preamble.pdf 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf 4.pdf 5.pdf 6.pdf 7.pdf 8.pdf 9.pdf 10.pdf 11.pdf 12.pdf 13.pdf 14.pdf 15.pdf 16.pdf 17.pdf 18.pdf 19.pdf 20.pdf 21.pdf 22.pdf 23.pdf 24.pdf Epilogue.pdf cat output Winners.pdf