Bubbling Stench

“The river opens out into a kind of lake and soon you see gas bubbles bursting and you smell sweet rot.”

Theme: frogs, floating eyes, stench

Bogling Names: Slap, Niwash, Blair, Darp, Oort, Karg, Ashzwash, Mort

Underneath the lake an eye tyrant sorcerer named Valkhazar dreams in its palace and as it does, eyes pop out from the lake floor, bubble up and weave what they see into its dreams (see events below). If the sleeping eye tyrant is attacked it will dream up all sorts of defensive measures. Feel free to dream up a new measure every round or pick from the event list below. A determined party should be able to wake the eye tyrant. Sometimes it also feels events on the surface warrant investigation (HD 15; AC 4; Atk 1 bite (2d6); MV 9; disintegrating gaze (save vs. rays or take 3d6 damage), paralyzing gaze (save vs. paralysis or be held and helpless while the gaze does not waver), canceling gaze (save vs. spells or be unable to cast spells and all magic items loose their power while the gaze does not waver), charming gaze (save vs. spells or be charmed for a day)). Treasure in Valkhazar’s palace: 200 000 silver, 50 000 gold, 5 000 electrum, 1 000 platinum, helm of telepathy, 5 rubies 2000 gp each.


  1. a raft with 2d6 boglings (HD 1; AC 7; Atk 1 weapon (1d6); MV 4 on foot; MV 15 swim; submerged they surprise ⅚; jumping charge for double damage), they are too afraid to attack foreigners and will try to insinuate themselves as guides and lead the party to Onbog’s toad fane
  2. a green glow at the shore outlines the toad fane occupied by 5d6 boglings and run by Onbog, the undead servant of Tsathoga (HD 7; AC 4; Atk 1 amputating meat cleaver (1d8; will cut a limb on a 20); MV 12; roll 1d4 to determine arm or leg when maiming a foe); Onbog will swallow the limb the next round and flee into the lake (he doesn’t need to breathe); horn of frog birth will summon thousands of frogs and green fog from the surrounding ground, making pursuit difficult
  3. a camp with 1d6×10 boglings built around the decaying carcass of a Styx whale cut open, grubs everywhere and an invitation to a poisonous feast (save or contract a debilitating gut rot giving you a -2 on all your rolls)
  4. a giant ancient eel attacks (HD 8; AC 8; Atk 1 bite (3d6); MV 15 swim; will grab a victim off the boat on a 20 and dive next round; while grabbed, victims save vs. death every round or drown; once the eel is dead victims in metal armor continue drowning)
  5. 1-4 giant frogs decide to attack (HD 4; AC 8; Atk 1 bite (1d6); will grab a victim off the boat on a 20, swallow whole, and dive next round; victims takes 2d6 damage every round but may breathe somewhat and fight from the inside using a dagger (AC 4); once the frog is dead victims in metal armor save vs. death every round or drown)
  6. orcs on air sharks throwing bottles containing green slime at any of the above (see Shark Den for more info about the orcs)

Bogling knowledge:

  1. the eyes mean trouble: avoid them if you can or keep your emotions under control if you cannot; they don’t know how to influence the strange events around them (see events below)
  2. there are not many travelers down here because there are orcs on flying sharks that will attack ships
  3. there is no escape up or down the river because it flows in a circle
  4. down river is the Fortress Dam of Ix which is very dangerous so don’t go there
  5. also avoid any armored boats, because invariably the people on these boats are evil
  6. the toad god is mighty and prefers sacrifice to approach on its own or to be brought by its servants
  7. if asked about the three teeth of rana (knowledge to be learned from the avatar of slime in the Shark Den), any bogling can lead the party to the three pillars (which is where the hidden passage to the Ooze Lord is)

Important People:

Onbog was a priest of Mitra that got corrupted by Tsathoga many years ago. Now he maintains this fane along the river Styx, hating himself and everybody else. He enjoys the control he has over the frogs and likes nothing better than the hope of corrupting others into the service of Tsathoga in order to share his well concealed misery. Onbog is also afraid of meeting Bilapudee, a frog demon ruling over the Eternal Swamp. Possibly that would reveal how minuscule his power is.

When the party leaves the region, Tsathoga or Onbog will consider the actions of the party and react accordingly:


  1. if the river runs dry (see Fortress Dam of Ix) this will awaken and antagonize the eye tyrant sorcerer and aggravate Onbog—and if threatened he will reveal the passage to the Eternal Swamp where the elder frog demon Bilapudee can be found
  2. if a ghoul company marches along the shores of the lake, they will avoid the muddier sections because of the weight of the cart; they will also fall upon any boglings and turn them into ghouls in order to replenish their ranks
  3. the eyes bubbling up from the lake will observe the party; *what they see influences the eye tyrant sorcerer’s dreams*—roll on the appropriate table below; these events are preceded with a lot more floating eyes bubbling up
d4Fights, Violence Jokes, Laughter, Happiness Magic, Spells
This makes the tyrant giddy with energy.This makes the tyrant jealous and aggressive.This makes the tyrant happy and creative.
1on the water, 4d4 hairy brain children looking like fist-sized eyes with legs and arms and armed with everyday tools (needles, hammers, knives) attack anything that moves (HD 1; AC 9; Atk 1 tiny weapon (1d6); MV 3; only attack moving targets); if they see no moving target, they fall asleep and drift away several fuming balls of fire rise to the surface and explode upon contact with air; everybody takes 6d6 fire damage; save vs. dragon breath for half you see a flickering silent image of a frog demon sitting on a petal throne, holding court
2on the shore are 2d4 seemingly cute trauma puppies with a huge single eye above their mouth full of razo-sharp teeth (HD 1; AC 9; Atk 1 bite (1d6); MV 6; charming gaze (save vs. spells or be charmed for a day) forces victim to take off any gloves and extend their bare hand to feed or fondle them; the puppies will bite the hand which is considered to be AC 9; getting bitten breaks the enchantment)a raving maelstrom develops, spinning the ship around; save vs. paralysis or be thrown overboard; characters in metal armor save vs. death every round or drown you see a flickering silent image of a huge machine made of countless pipes, chimneys and cog wheels; suddenly some of the pipes explode and the vision fades
3every character looking into the water sees a drowning copy of themselves, silently pleading for help; reaching out to them allows the copy to grab the character (once seen, resisting the urge to help requires a save vs. spells); the copy will desperately hug and kiss the characters; save vs. paralysis or be pulled down to the lake floor; once under water save vs. death every round or drown; if water breathing, characters may end up seeing the eye tyrant’s palace; once shaken off the apparition will dissolve countless darts of anger fly out of the water and stab any eyes looking at them; save vs. dragon breath for each eye or be hit by a needle; if hit, take a -4 on all rolls of the d20 until the needle is removed; removing a needle requires a cure critical wounds spell or a successful pick locks test; if the removal is botched, the whole eye is lost and has to be regrown using a regenerate spell you see a flickering silent image of bird cages hanging in the air, all of them holding a wide variety of creatures
4any creature recently deceased will open its eyes and the eyes will bulge and pop out of their sockets, floating up and away; the dead will start crawling around on all fours and start searching for their eyes the water starts boiling; every living being in the water takes 3d6 damage; save vs. dragon breath or take a -4 on all rolls of the d20 for the next three days or until treated with a cure critical wounds spell the spells just cast seem to draw their energies from the living; hair turns gray and hands start shaking; every character within 60 ft. must save vs. death or suffer 1d6 damage