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Dungeon Map 001

Synopsis: A small dungeon containing a bandit lair, two ogres, a necromancer lair including his bodyguard, and hints of a big, old, underground Water Temple.

License: The dungeon map is by Tim Hartin licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. You can find it at Paratime Design Cartography. The map key is by Alex Schroeder and is available under the same license.


  1. Tiny passage ends in a room full of twigs and rotting leaves. The door leading east is jammed.
  2. The sacred fountain of a water god. The door is barred from the outside. The passage leading to this room has murals with sylvan happiness (a) and of a dark grove with an underground lake deep below (b).
  3. The room is covered by an inch of stagnant water full of black algae. The door is jammed.
  4. The door is jammed from the inside. The two ogres Berf and Nar live here and they hate visitors. They like the bandits (8) because whenever they meet them, the bandits pay 1cp per person for “passage”. They also believe that the old wine cellar (14) is haunted. They have a key to their treasure room (5).
  5. The door is locked. The ogres have they key. It contains a collection of 25 humanoid skulls, two sets of small chainmail, longsword, and shield, a circlet of gold (200gp), and 52 cp.
  6. Murals depicting an underwater lake and the holy symbol of a water deity (trident, conch horn, tentacle). There’s a secret door leading into a tiny tunnel to the necromancer’s lair (13).
  7. The door is locked. There are no straight angles here. The floor is covered with saucers and buckets filled with stagnant water. There is a hidden trap door above.
  8. The bottom of a sunken tower. The top is hidden in darkness. If anybody were able to dig through the ceiling they’d eventually end up on a nearby hilltop. There’s a secret revolving door (a) leading to an old treasure chamber (b) where the roof caved in. A smashed chest with silverware (100gp) and a locked chest containing an old mechanical clock (smashing the chest will destroy the clock as well).
  9. The door from the big octagonal room is locked. There’s a bandit here, looking at torn pages of a notebook. notes. There’s a table, a shelf, some pieces of paper and torn pages of a book. The notebook is by a traveler mentioning the nearby hills and his search of the old underground water temple. All the bandit knows is that there are supposed to be great riches to be found in that temple. There’s also a note saying “We do not negotiate with human scum.” The bandit knows it refers to the dead dwarf prisoner (12).
  10. The door is unlocked. In the back of the room a few gold coins are visible (5gp). There’s candle light from behind the corner but no noise can be heard. This is a trap to lure thieves into the hidden pit trap (20 ft. fall).
  11. The northern door is closed, the southern door is locked. If the bandits are not out thieving there will be four of them here, resting. This is the bandit hideout with five bedrolls, a table, chairs, bacon, ale, dirty dishes. Hidden in the bedrolls are 57gp.
  12. The door is locked. The room is bare. There was a cave-in in the back. There’s a dessicated dwarven corpse here that must have been trying to dig through the cracked earth with his bare hands.
  13. This is where the necromancer’s bodyguard Norm usually sits and rolls dice or plays card riddles. There is a leather practice puppet and a sword rack with five different swords. A secret door behind the sword rack leads into a tiny passage out (6). There’s a little peep hole at the northern end to make sure that nobody is watching when you’re leaving.
  14. The door is closed and locked. A very old wine cellar full of dry and dusty barrels. An alarm spell protecting the entrance alerts the necromancer (17) who will get Norm (13) and prepare an ambush in the next room (15). A secret door behind the oil barrels leads into the necromancer lair. Once you open the second door you’ll see a door standing ajar to the east (16) with light coming out, and there’s a room to the west (15) with light coming from around the corner.
  15. There’s light from a hidden lantern by the south wall. If alerted, the necromancer will step forward and surprise the party with some spells, trying to taunt them into charging him and falling into the pit trap (a). There’s also oil flasks on a shelf at the south wall (hidden behind the corner) so that the necromancer can pour burning oil on anybody fallen into the hidden spiked pit trap (20 ft. fall + spikes).
  16. The door is standing ajar, there’s an eternal torch burning inside, and bacon hanging from the ceiling. This room serves as a distraction for people coming in through the wine cellar.
  17. Opening the door will ring some nice sounding bells here and in the library (18). There’s actually a little rope going along the corridor and through tiny holes drilled through the doors. This is the reception area for the necromancer Gurnablon. There’s a table, shelves, dishes, tea pot, tea cups. If he retreats through this room, he bars the door behind him.
  18. A big library with a high ceiling. Bookshelves full of tomes on eyes, worms, fungi, goblins, mining, and some disgusting combinations of these topics (2000gp if you can sell all the books to another wizard). The little room before the library is the necromancer’s sleeping chamber (a); small but well furnished including a silver mirror (10gp). The room after the library is the necromancer’s lab (b); big and daunting with pickled goblin heads, worm bottles, worm infested pickled goblin heads, fungi growing out of goblin heads suspended in alcohol. The glass wares and some of the ingredients could be valuable if sold to a wizard (800gp).
  19. Bare. A closed portculis is very difficult to lift, but there is a turning wheel in the southwestern corner of the room.
  20. A improvised frog temple in front of a deep crevasse. A black-golden frog statue (200gp), moldy food overings, a handful of coins, a rotten goblin head. There is water to be heard from the bottom of the crevasse. It is too small to actually climb down for more than 20 ft.
  21. A jammed door leads to a round chamber with a dark pool and a sinkhole leading into waterfilled tunnels. Swimming for half an hour through labyrinthine underwater tunnels will bring you to an underground lake. There’s a small chance of attracting an evil frog humanoid scout with his killer frog.