Dungeon Map 008

Synopsis: The party is out to find the legendary hammer of the giant king Portam. A map leads them to a ruin; the party clears four levels of goblins and hears about an imprisoned goblin god of war called Lurg beneath a huge trapdoor from the last remaining goblin.

License: The dungeon map is by Tim Hartin licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Canada License. You can find it at Paratime Design Cartography. The map key is by Alex Schroeder and is available under the same license.


Some rolling on the Labyrinth Lord random monster chart for level 5 monsters as well as a level 4 and a level 6 monster resulted in doppelganger, wraith, mummy, ogre, and basilisk. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. Goblin bones are found on the stairs. The ogre Lurg is usually here, waiting for more sacrifice from above.
  2. Empty. The ogre never goes here because it belongs to the “white men”.
  3. The door has a name tag: Merrit. The first of three doppelganger brothers lives here. He might tell the party about the basilisks living in #4. If needed, he will call for his brothers.
  4. The doors are locked. The room is filled with life-like statues of tomb robbers standing in knee-deep magic fog. There are six open pits 10ft deep. Each pit contains a sleeping basilisk.
  5. The door is concealed but easily discovered if one looks closely enough. A shrieker mushroom lives in the damp room. It can be seen easily through the arrow slits. It sits atop 6000 electrum and 6000 gold coins! Amongst the coins there is also a treasure map to a stash of potions (actually, a stash on a lower level containing a ring of “fire resistance”) (but actually a ring of delusion!), a potion of giant control, and a scroll of web.
  6. Empty.
  7. The door is locked. Amphores containing olive oil, honey, salt, and dust fill the room.
  8. The door is locked. A stone sarcophagus is here. Dwarven runes identify him as Lerem, Portam’s “faithfull servant”. A relief decorates the walls showing a dwarf and a giant side by side. Runes describe Lerem as the giant king’s scribe. There is a scene showing the dwarf weeping at the giant’s burial.
  9. The dais shows Portam the giant king and his hammer. Anybody going east will trigger a magic mouth saying: “Who disturbs my slumber?” Without the correct answer “your faithfull servant” the stone statue will animate and attack trespassers.
  10. This is the giant king’s final resting place. There is a stone sarcophagus holding Portam’s remains and a huge greathammer +1. Hidden beneath the sarcophagus is a passage to the next level. The passage is revealed when turning the sarcophagus clockwise.
  11. The door has a name tag: Borg. The second of three doppelganger web hosting brothers lives here. He will try to follow the party and lure one of them away during the night, killing and replacing him. If needed, he will call for his brothers. Beneath his bed there are some painted planks hiding a crawlspace leading south.
  12. The door has a name tag: Dom. The third of three doppelganger brothers lives here. He will try to hire the party to retrieve a magic ring from Melek’s resting place. If attacked, he will call for his brothers.
  13. Stone reliefs show a dwarf riding a giant bat and leading a troll army, a dwarf summoning a devil within a pentagram, and a dwarf passing judgment over prisoners. Tracing the pentagram with a finger will reveal a secret passage south.
  14. A small, unlocked door leads to a small room containing a broken sarcophagus. Dwarven runes identify this as the final resting place of Yeddem “the crow of doom”.
  15. A secret room reachable via a very small tunnel. Here is hidden the “treasures” Borg has stolen in the past: The magic blades Berem and Lead that were cursed when Lork killed his clan with them are carefully mounted on a stand. Berem is a cursed sword -1 and Lead is a cursed sword -2. Borg knows that these two blades are cursed.
  16. This is the real final resting place of Yeddem. Rows upon rows of skulls adorn the walls. On a throne, between two statues of troll generals bearing the ceiling on their shoulders, sits dessicated corpse wrapped in rags – Yeddem the mummy! The golden throne is worth 2000 gp and the gem in the center of the backrest is worth an additional 100 gp. There is also a potion of giant control and a potion of growth hidden in the big skull mounted above the throne.
  17. The reeking lair of Lurg the ogre “goblin god of war”. Beneath a pyramid of goblin skulls there is a bag containing a thousand gold coins. Searching the stinking furs of the ogre’s bed will reveal a silver coin.
  18. A jammed door leads into a dank room. Every surface is covered in a black slick. The other door is also jammed.
  19. A jammed door leads into a dank room. Every surface is covered in a black slick. There is no other door here, but scraping away the black slick will reveal a loose stone covering a little hole containing a golden sitting statue of a fat man worth 900 gp as well as wire necklaces adorned with thousands of pierced silve coins (4000 sp in total).
  20. A small open door in a wall covered by a stone forest relief leads into a room containing the broken dwarf sarcophagus of Derem “the forest friend”.
  21. An even smaller revolving door (formerly a secret door but now unlocked and clearly visible due to scratches) leads into a room containing another sarcophagus, also of Derem “the forest friend”. This sarcophagus has also been looted centuries ago.
  22. A small locked door in a wall covered by a stone briar relief loads into a corridor west. The corridor leads to a room containing the unbroken sarcophagus of Melek “the greedy fist”. His malevolent spirit turned into a wraith and spawned two more in the centuries that followed. The three wraiths guard the remains of Melek.
  23. A secret door that is opened by opening the sarcophagus and removing the corpse leads to Melek’s treasure chamber, but whatever it contained has been stolen a long time ago.