Gnomish Village with Ogres

The gnomes were driven off and ogres have settled in the nicest manor burrow they could find. Some ogres are on a hunting trip. Total ogres is about 20. Eventually the ogre mage Barziddom will return.


Random Encounters Prisoner Room Type
1ogres (1-6)Ponom 4merchant
2rats (1-6)Shasa 11merchant
3snake (1)Tarper 11merchant
4kobold slaves (1-6)Fenson 11merchant
5bats (1-6)Waspheart 13forest elf
6chicken (1)
  1. gnomish gate with leaf carvings; dead and eaten humanoids
  2. ogre guard wearing a ring of charm person
  3. dark passages filled with leaves, branches, bones, rats, and snakes
  4. two ogre females with kids mistreating a halfling prisoner (Ponom)
  5. full of rubbish, crack in the wall reveals hidden compartment containing gnomish coins (500 sp, 30gp) and a viper
  6. empty bookshelves, one of them concealing a secret door
  7. stairs down, empty bookshelves and a lab, grey ooze destroyed everything, will hide and try to cut off a retreat
  8. abandoned lair of some wild animal
  9. water hole 20 ft. deep, the ground around it is thin, a break-in possible, helping a drowning man may cause further break-ins
  10. room destroyed by ogres and used as an indoor grill
  11. ogre lair, five ogres, asleep, cages for two halfling prisoners (Shasa and Tarper), a dead halfling on a spit, half eaten (Ben)
  12. old dancing room with high vaulted ceiling and support beams, lying hidden on a beam is gold stolen from merchants (1000gp)
  13. four ogres and a naked elf badly broken chained to the wall (Waspheart Oakleaf), some silver pieces hidden in a pouch (30sp)
  14. a gnomish wraith lingers here, whispers “I was left behind and took four days to die!”
  15. water pool and crack in the ceiling that provides an escape route, three stirges
  16. empty
  17. halfling in a cage (Fenson) who is afraid of an ogre mage returning, skulls, candles, shrunken heads, pots of undefined goo
  18. table with magic sword recently taken from a paladin who had been charmed by dryads
  19. empty
  20. corridor trapped with multiple spiked pits, the secret room has the gnomish family treasure