Halls of the Mad Mage by Justin Alexander

Author’s blog post: Halls of the Mad Mage by Justin Alexander

License: Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

Review by Alex Schroeder

This entry got four nominations in the first round. On my own list, it didn’t get the best vote (3½ instead of 4 points). My notes say “fantastic Escher-like maps with Moebius rooms” and “needs work to add a point” – the dungeon is just a series of weird rooms, but there is no goal per se. You need to add it yourself. The simplest solution would probably be some item or document to find. I nominated this dungeon for the Geometry category.

There were a variety of other entries featuring teleportation traps to confuse a party. This dungeon managed to take this sort of mapping puzzle to the next level because most of the elements are essentially small, in-your-face riddles: How to get to the ceiling of the room? Why are we now on the gallery of the room we just left? How do we manage to reach the lower level?