Maze of Namcap by Patrick Riley

Author's blog post: Maze of Namcap by Patrick Riley

License: Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

Review by Alex Schroeder

When I looked at this entry, the mind boggled. W00t? Then I chuckled. Hehe, what a clever idea. After all, it’s just a labyrinth and some monsters, right?

There were a number of entries that were humorous. Most of them involved the dungeon map looking like a face, a humanoid, or even a word. Somehow those entries did not work for me. But Pacman worked for me, even though I never played Pacman in the arcades. It made me laugh, and it wasn’t something I’d be using in my games. And yet many entries tried to be funny. I picked this entry as my nomination for the “Arcade” category. In fact, my notes read “Pacman! Gonzo!” – I was happy with the suggestion to put this entry in the “silly” category.