One Page Dungeon Contest 2009 Participants

One Page Dungeon Contest participants in 2009:

Name Entry Name
Aaron Broder Into the Abyss
Adam Thornton Megadungeon of the Mad Archamage Gary Stu, Level 5
Alex Schröder Water Temple
Andrew Durston Cemetery Hill
Andrew Gale Valley of the Necromancer Kings
Andrew Trent The Sunken Temple Of Arn
Antti Hulkkonen Arendt’s Old Peculiar
Aurus Evil Inside
Beerd-Jan Eibrink The defiled temple of Valkauna
Ben McFarland The Fallen Nephillim: Bones of the Earth
Bob Everson The Soul Harvester
Bret Smith The Dwarven Hall
Brian Murphy Tomb of Song
Brian Simons Temple of Corruption
Buzz Burgess There Are No Tails in Zamboanga
Carl Doubek Beneath the Tower of the Templars
CC Chamberlain The Poseidon Adventure
Chris Cumming Subterranean Fecundity
Chris Longhurst The Lair of Ostanzibal Yent
Chris Torrence Traps-R-US
Christopher Brackett The Grey Goblin Warrens
Christopher Gesiel The Lost Mine
Dan Roy The Trap Room
Dan Wesely Paym’s Wheel
Daniel Cowan Inside the Iron Beast
David Alexander Cranbow Cradle
David Kot Desert Dungeon
David Nett The Chapel of Fire
Deforest Piper Necropolis of Thynool
Dustin Karls Death From Below
Dyson Logos The Tomb of Dûrahn Oakenshield
Elijah Elder The Tomb of Echozar
Erin Bisson Earthflame
Fabiano Neme Prison Tomb of the Outer God
Gabriel/UruDnD Shrine of the Rodent God
Gary McCammon The Vareh’gra Depths
Gary S. Watkins The Clockwork Crypt
Gregory Oakes Wrecker’s Cave
Greywulf White Room
Hans Holm The Ingrid Pit
Helena Lau The Adventure of the Four Elements
Heron Prior Cry of the Gravegod
J Zamzow Tomb of the Unhallowed Bride
Jakob Törmä Ruhl The “Resurrected” Village
James Hutchings Nevermind the Wilderness
James Raggi The Infinite Tower
Jason Remore The Gravity Well
Jay Clowes Kraken’s Assault
Jay Vandendool Ruined Dwarven Artificer Lab and Temple
Jim Adams Pitt’s Pits
John Hitzfelder Entombed City of Zud Sida
John Laviolette Shrine of the Savage Jungle
John M. Stater Citadel of the Dust Devils
Jonathan Lee The Great Cloud Caper
Joshua Macy Ghoul Shrine
Justin Alexander Halls of the Mad Mage
Kevin Peden The lost tomb of Jarmun-Riis
Kirk Stone Coastal Caves
Kris Newton Chapel of Priapus
Lee barber Ruffthroat RathSkeller
Loonook The Nigh Infinite Dungeon
Lord Kilgore The Crumbling Dungeon
MacGuffin Zoo of Death
Marc Mancuso The Tortured Pet Pits of Novortos
Mark Allen The Singing Cave
Mark hermann A ghastly Vinter
Mark Lawrence Prozylim’s Labyrinth
Mark Thomas The Serpent Temple_The Lost Tomb
Markus Brixius Terror of the Songhaunt Crypt
Michael Brewer Vapors of Colossal Death.
Michael Fahy Below the Crumbling Stair
Michael Phillips The Dweller Beneath
Michael Tumey lair of shaothbuul the savant aboleth
Michael Wolf The Horror of Leatherbury House
Mike Martino Watch your Ass!
MJ Harnish Pilsholme
Moritz_momehlem The Mythtical Temple of Darkness
Nick Witchey A Few of My Favorite Things
Octavio Ribeiro Dawn’s Haven
Owen Cooper Strange Loops
Patrick Riley Maze Of Namcap
Paul Barry I was a King Here Once
Ragnal DuBrow Under Contruction
Rene L. Blake The Lost Staves of Maurath
Rick Ray Vampire’s of Doom
Rob Hewlet Ruins of the Olde School
Rob Lang The Green Oyster: Ognrt’s Goblin Nightclub Dungeon
Robert Peacock Abernathy’s Antiquarium
Robert Pinell The Nest
Robert Sandlan The Proving Grounds
Ryan Shelton Tomb of the Sea Wraith
Sam Kisko The Barnacle Cave
Sanae Rosen The Paradise of Avtranin
Sean Morris The Foetid Pit Beneath the Abdandoned Shrine
Sean Wills Mountain Lair of the Misanthropic Magus
Seth Barnard The Final Lesson
Shawn Harris The Haunted Hulk
Simon Bull Secrets of the Old City
Steve Polasky The Sea Goddess Tower
Stuart Robertson The Ancient Academy
Teo Kai Xiang The Ruined temple of Wild Arcana
Thomas Ragsdale The Last Defense
Tim Hensley The Omenous Portent of the Highlands Meteor
Tom Baumbach The Well of Wounded Souls
Tommy/Rock Viper Mollie’s Roadhouse
Troy Holaday The Summoner’s Cave
Tyler Mason The Wreck of Lord Niklas
Walkerp/Conan MineCo 3000 Uranium Ore Extraction Complex
Will Hopkins The Smugglers’ Caverns
Wyatt Salazar The Locked Library of Somi Bodleian
Zac Yatso Carruth Rock - Research Wing
Zachary Houghton The Hidden Temple of the Founders