One Page Dungeon Contest 2012

This page collects all information regarding the One Page Dungeon Contest 2012. The results of previous contests are also available (2011, 2010, 2009).

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Dates: Submission deadline was April 30, 0:00 UTC (Monday evening).

All the winners and sponsors have been contacted. That was it! Thank you all. :)

All Submissions:


Winning Entry Category
Aaron Frost & Mundi King – Meckwick’s Pair O’DiceBest Dungeon Generator
Aaron Kavli – The Return of the Hecate RoseBest Science Fiction
Alan Brodie – Splashdown in Fiend’s FenBest Science Fantasy
Dale Horstman – The Monastery at Dor AmonBest Library
David Gay – Water Genie vs. Undead Mermaid GladiatorBest Gonzo
Eran Aviram and Aviv Or – One Last TributeBest Tomb
Fco. Javier Barrera – The River of StarsBest Ruin
Gene Sollows – Holy SwordMost Fun
Greengoat – Devil Gut RockBest Theme
Jason “Flynn” Kemp – Sell-Swords of MarsBest Wilderness
Jason Shaffer – The First CasualtyBest 1st Level Dungeon
Jeff Shepherd – Four BrothersBest Riddles
Jerry LeNeave – A King With No CrownBest Temple
Kelvin Green – A Rough Night at the Dog & BastardBest Relationship Map
L. S. F. – Fungal InfectionBest Fungoid
Leslie Furlong – The Faerie MarketBest Situation
Lester Ward – Seven Spindles and a McGuffinBest Modifiable Map
Luka Rejec – Deep in the Purple WormBest Integration of Art and Story
PJ Cunningham – Operation Eagle EyeBest Espionage
Ramsey Hong – The Cave of Kull CoveBest Cave
Roger Carbol – The Tomb of Oddli Stone-SquarerBest Multiple Factions
Roger SG Sorolla – Old Bastard’s BarrensBest New Presentation
The Seven-Sided Die – The Tomb of Nesta the MischievousMost Bountiful
Will Doyle – Tomb of Snowbite PassBest Eye Beams


Prizes & Sponsors: Do you have prizes to donate? Let me know →!

Current sponsors, in alphabetical order:

  1. an anonymous sponsor with $300 via Paypal
  2. Bully Pulpit Games with a copy of Fiasco and the Fiasco Companion
  3. Calithena with two complete run of Fight On! in PDF and a PDF copy of Roll the Bones
  4. Chaotic Shiny with three collections: winners get to pick any five products from the current list of products
  5. DD Art Studio with a 8½ x 11 pen & ink personalized, character drawing on bristol board
  6. Engine Publishing with three PDF copies of Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters and three PDF copies of Masks: 1,000 Memorable NPCs for Any Roleplaying Game
  7. Eric Harshbarger with a set of four Go First dice
  8. Gerald of D&D Revival with a copy of Diablo III for PC
  9. Goblinoid Games with a perfect bound copy of TIMEMASTER core rules, ROTWORLD core rules, Labyrinth Lord, Advanced Edition Companion and Realms of Crawling Chaos
  10. Hex Games with two QAGS PDFs and two copies of their 2011 Bundle (everything they released last year)
  11. Jason Morningstar with Love in the Time of Seið and METAL SHOWCASE 11PM (one package)
  12. John Stater with PDF copies of the complete run of NOD
  13. Lamentations of the Flame Princess with a copy each of LotFP Grindhouse Edition, Vornheim, Carcosa, Isle of the Unknown, The Monolith from beyond Space and Time, and The God that Crawls (both adventures on indiegogo)
  14. Obsidian Portal with a year of free Ascendant Membership including an OP T-shirt and some custom OP d6 dice (one package)
  15. Peter Regan with PDF copies of two complete runs of Oubliette Magazine (issues #1 to #8) plus—if the prize winner is interested—their entry printed in the following issue of Oubliette (#9) with a copy of that issue in print and as a PDF
  16. Porky’s Polycosm Publishing with a PDF copy of Triffles: Abandoned Space for every winner
  17. Precis Intermedia with Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits! Pocket Softcover, The genreDiversion 3E Manual and Story Engine Plus Edition
  18. RPG Character Illustrations with a custom black and white character illustration by the artist of the winner’s choice
  19. RPGOrbit with a free store for life (transferable to a friend)
  20. Scratch Factory with a PDF copy of Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island

Submissions: Here’s how to submit your entry.


  1. A. A. Bunkerclub55 – Here We Stand, Again (blog post)
  2. Aaron Bianco – Relaxx Spa
  3. Aaron Frost & Mundi King – Meckwick’s Pair O’Dice
  4. Aaron Kavli – The Return of the Hecate Rose
  5. Aaron Webb – QUARENTINE!
  6. Alan Brodie – Splashdown in Fiend’s Fen (blog post)
  7. André Bogaz e Souza – Temork’s Descending Dungeon
  8. Andrés Cuesta – Hellmarsh Monastery
  9. Andrew & Heleen Durston – Time-Shear (from the author, blog post)
  10. Benoit – The Moriah Museum of Dwarven Artistry (blog post)
  11. Berin Kinsman – The Shimmering Portals (blog post)
  12. Bill De Franza – Goblin Well
  13. Boric Glanduum – The Ebony Obilisk of the Snail Demon (blog post)
  14. C.M. Lebrun – The Ichor of Vercingetorix (blog post)
  15. Chris Engle – The Plague Years
  16. Chris Longhurst – Cult of the Tyrant Kings (blog post)
  17. Chris Olson – Tomb of the Vampire Pricess Sword (blog post)
  18. Christian Hollnbuchner – Slime In A Bottle
  19. Clarabelle Chong – Momentum (blog post)
  20. Clay Thomas McGrew – The Giant Ant Nest
  21. Dakota Dornbrack – A Hole Lot of Goblins
  22. Dale Horstman – The Monastery at Dor Amon
  23. Dan Roy – The Final Battle Ground (hi-res from the author)
  24. David Brawley – Pearly Spiral of the Endless Hunger (blog post)
  25. David Dornbrack – The Chaotic Dungeon of Morvant the …
  26. David Gay – Water Genie vs. Undead Mermaid Gladiator (blog post)
  27. David Thiel – The Ovens of Ar-Gar (blog post)
  28. David Van Slyke – Hermit Alchemist Tower (blog post)
  29. Diogo Nogueira – The Hidden Shrine (Portuguese blog post)
  30. Dylan Hartwell – The Dutch Oven (blog post)
  31. Edward Green – Goblinville (blog post)
  32. Eran Aviram and Aviv Or – One Last Tribute (blog post)
  33. Eric Harshbarger – In The Dying Light...
  34. Eric Minton & Joshua Krause – The Vault of Illusion (blog post)
  35. Evangelos Vafeiadis & Nicolas Kabasele – Zombie Elves
  36. Fco. Javier Barrera – The River of Stars
  37. Felbrigg Napoleon Harriot – One Page Dungeon
  38. Gabriel Perez Gallardi – The Oracle of Pagebrin (blog post)
  39. Gene Sollows – Holy Sword (blog post)
  40. Gerardo Tasistro – The Graveyard (blog post)
  41. Greengoat – Devil Gut Rock (blog post)
  42. Herwin Wielink – Ankhor Deeps (forum thread)
  43. Ian Johnson – The Necromancer In The Three Lobed Brain (blog post)
  44. Jan Pralle – The Lost Temple of Moradin (blog post)
  45. Jason “Flynn” Kemp – Sell-Swords of Mars
  46. Jason Shaffer – The First Casualty
  47. Jasper Polane – Ship of the Lost
  48. Jeff McKelley – Lair of the Minotaur
  49. Jeff R. – Baron Fel's Vault (blog post)
  50. Jeff Shepherd – Four Brothers
  51. Jens Thuresson – Close the Gates
  52. Jerry LeNeave – A King With No Crown (blog post, including a color variant)
  53. Jim “Wilmanric” Pacek – The Tesseract Prison of the Putrescent Lord
  54. John Bailey – The Wanderers Tomb
  55. John Geoffrey – Mourning Wight Of Brakhill (blog post)
  56. Joshua Taylor – Enbeserth’s Island
  57. Kabuki Kaiser – Shrine and Shield (blog post)
  58. Katie Simpson – The Maximum Utility Chambers
  59. Kelvin Green – A Rough Night at the Dog & Bastard (blog post)
  60. Kevin Heuer and Michael Jones – Tomb Of The Sea Dwarves (blog post)
  61. Konrad Ferlangen – Collateral Damage
  62. L. Forrest – Fungal Infection
  63. L. S. F. – Fungal Infection
  64. Leslie Furlong – The Faerie Market
  65. Lester Ward – Seven Spindles and a McGuffin (blog post, source files)
  66. Luka Rejec – Deep in the Purple Worm (blog post)
  67. Mark Garringer – Shrine of the Demon-Monkey God (from the author)
  68. Mark Morrison – Turtle Shell Bandits
  69. Matthew Schmeer – Lazzer Bears for teh Win
  70. Matthew Skipper – The Burning Lair
  71. Matthias Hoefler – All Creatures Great and Small
  72. Michael Atlin & Michael Prescott – Dungeon Town
  73. Michael P. Bonet – The Diagnosis (blog post, colorful, printer friendly)
  74. Michael Woodhead – Dungeon of Doom
  75. Mike Monaco – The Panopticon of Peril (blog post)
  76. Nick Wedig – Project Phaeton
  77. OtspIII – Cave Of The Hunted
  78. PJ Cunningham – Operation Eagle Eye (blog post)
  79. Paolo Greco, Dyson Logos & Stonewerks – Axo’s Dungeon (blog post)
  80. Peter Regan – The Kobold Coalition (blog post)
  81. Radulf St. Germain – The Forgotten Bath House
  82. Ramsey Hong – The Cave of Kull Cove
  83. Ricky Anderson – Fine Art
  84. Rob S. – Rot Tower (blog post)
  85. Rodney Sloan – Paranoia Pyramid (blog post)
  86. Roger Carbol – The Tomb of Oddli Stone-Squarer
  87. Roger SG Sorolla – Old Bastard’s Barrens (blog posts about the early, intermediate and final entry)
  88. Roland Volz – The Lanisha Crisis (blog post)
  89. Ryan Lucas – Raven Ridge Mansion (blog post)
  90. S. Harlan – Snakes and Chutes and Ladders
  91. S.D. Hilderbrand – Cave of the Stone Sepulchre (blog post)
  92. Scott Slomiany – Twilight House
  93. Sersa Victory – The Tears of Mother Pestilence (blog post)
  94. Sharang Biswas and Gracie Gage – Bathroom Trouble
  95. Shawn Harris – Down Draft
  96. Simon Dale – Beloved of Set (blog post)
  97. Simon Forster – The Sunken Temple
  98. The Seven-Sided Die – The Tomb of Nesta the Mischievous
  99. Tom Denton – The Mage's Prison
  100. Tony Dowler – Haunted Tower Of Forbidden Gods (blog post)
  101. Vivian Smith – Evil Experimentation Lab
  102. Vladislav Volchenko – Night in Al-Farhad's Pearl
  103. Warren Abox – Will No One Rid Me of The Troublesome Goblins (blog post)
  104. Wayne Snyder – MakMurdo’s Infinite Sewer
  105. Will Doyle – Tomb of Snowbite Pass (blog post)
  106. Xyphon – Tentacle Thing
  107. Yves Geens – The Biosphere

Process: This section explains the process used by the judges.