Ooze Lord

“The slow underground waterway reaches a large cavern illuminated by a phosphorous light emanating from a lake. In its middle sits the statue of the ooze lord.”

All the slimes and oozes drifting in the water feel a lingering pull towards the ooze lord. This is where they are purified, made compatible, merged, this is where they trascend. For all the slimes and oozes lazily drifting towards their final destination, the ooze lord is a gate to ooze heaven. Interference will result in a catastrophic ooze storm as their distilled essences are whipped into divine frenzy.

Obviously, reaching the Tomb of the Black Lord of Nothingness requires interference with the ooze lord. You need to land on the statue, climb its hidden stairs and break the wards that have been placed here when oozes still ruled the primordial sea.

The lake starts boiling as soon as it is touched by a non-ooze. Waves start splashing as soon as the statue is touched. The air starts cutting like blades as soon as the gate is reached (1d6 damage per round). The ooze storm starts as soon as the wards are interfered with. I hope the party has prepared for this occasion. Breaking the seals and reaching the safe passage takes ten rounds.

Suggested solutions: freezing the ooze lake in time; a magic earth tunnel reaching accross the lake to the right place on the statue, sealing it; transforming into a golem of appropriate type and weathering the bludgeoning damage; use Kurmatesha’s protection from slime (see Shark Den) and be protected against all effects except for the suffocation and the cold.