Secret of the Old City by Simon Bull

PDF: Secret of the Old City

License: Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

Review by Alex Schroeder

This was the winning entry for the One Page Dungeon Contest 2009! Ogres, thieves, guards, kids, sewers. It’s a refreshing take on sewers. None of that standard waterway criss-cross at right angles. This is a messy urban area. Many buildings provide access to the sewers. If the there’s an official building above, there will be guards on their sewer shift. I nominated this entry for the “Sewers” category. If there’s a ruined building above, maybe the cellar is used as a meeting point for the local thieves guild. And where does the water go? Eventually it’ll end up flowing into a sink hole leading to the next level. All of this was so compelling and seemed so plausible, such an ideal mini-campaign starting area, I immediately wanted to start my next game using it.

It had foes (monsters), potential allies (thieves or guards, depending on your outlook), missions (rescuing the kids), treasure (provide one of the players with a map), and foes (monsters), a nice and unconventional map, and it was well-written. Loved it. A well deserved winner!