The Singing Cave

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Initially my dungeon was called “Cave of the Unknown” (from “The Keep On The Borderlands” fame).  It was designed to work perfectly with the KOTB module so anyone that is running that module and has nothing written up for the Cave of the Unknown area could use “The Singing Cave” to fill out that part of the adventure (as it was intended). Seeing that the cave is lair to 2 Harpies (which the characters should not know about), I would recommend adventurers complete the Caves of Chaos first, before finding or heading into The Singing Cave. Maybe the monsters in the area call it “The Singing Cave” and the rest of the world knows of it as the “Cave of the Unknown” - would depend on who you asked. The group of bandit Lizard Men waylay merchants on the road to The Keep, and they stash their loot in the Cave (and sometimes prisoners).  They pay the Harpies with some of the treasure items (on the altar), for the Harpies to allow them to dwell in the cave (so the Harpies have first claim to the cave). These Lizard Men could be related to the Lizard Men in the marshes that are to the south of the Keep, if the DM chooses - the DM would have to come up with a reason that they are separated from their tribe and living in this cave., etc. But, these were all of my ideas for the original scenario. The blocked passage in the north-east section of the cave, of course, leads to the blocked passage on the Caves of Chaos map.  I had an idea that it was blocked by the Temple of Evil Chaos due to that magic stalagmite in the one cave - it possesses uncontrollable evil or something like that - too evil for even the Temple to handle. It all fits perfectly for use with B2, or as a stand-alone.

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Review by Alex Schroeder

My notes say that this dungeon should be nominated for the “Caves” category. There were many competing entries. I already mentioned the [[The_Gray_Goblin_Warrens_by_Christopher_Brackett?]] and the [[The_Foetid_Pit_Beneath_the_Abdandoned_Shrine_by_Sean_Morris?]]. The Singing Cave did not have a map as beautiful as the other two entries, but it had a good ol’ natural caves dungeon crawl with lots of vermin, some intelligent opposition (lizard men), and a tough harpy cave. The charming song of the harpies is heard in surrounding caves, the nest itself is protected by a little underground river, there is a stern warning at the very dungeon entrance – nice!

I guess this is what I imagine a short “old-school” dungeon or sublevel to be. Nothing fancy, something that can be solved in a single session if you know what you’re looking for, without deadly traps (since I personally don’t like traps very much).

I also like the presentation. It’s not pretty, but it’s very functional. Room names, monsters, treasure, it’s all highlighted one way or another, making the entire page easy to skim. I like that. It’s very useful at the table.


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