The Foetid Pit by Sean Morris

Author’s blog post: The Foetid Pit by Sean Morris

License: Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

Review by Alex Schroeder

I already mentioned the Foetid Pit before when I talked about [[The_Gray_Goblin_Warrens_by_Christopher_Brackett?]]. It has a beautiful map. The map was so beautiful, in fact, that I nominated this entry for the “hand-drawn” category, eventhough I had only given it three instead of four points.

As far as I’m concerned, this dungeon lacks allies, a goal, intelligent opposition, riddles, anything. It’s just a nice map with a note saying that undead creatures “lurk throughout the caverns”. I’d need a bit more to actually use it at the table. On the positive side, the map also features evocative names and little hints like “stiff breeze” or “foul smelling” which make the dungeon easier to describe.


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