The Sea Goddess Tower by Steve Polasky

PDF: The Sea Goddess Tower

License: Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic

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Review by Alex Schroeder

I filed this one under “Short”. The simplest towers often work as linear dungeons. This is one such tower. On the other hand, this entry allows players to bypass levels. The interesting design element was that there are connections between the denizens. There’s an item at the beginning of the adventure that is needed elsewhere. Taking the item will cause another group to investigate. Trying to figure out where they came from will lead to a concealed area. There’s an evil looking dude that’s honestly asking for help. He’s also afraid from another group.

Thus, it was short and simple as far as the map goes, but complexity is introduced by setting up conflicting interests between the various denizens of the dungeon. I liked that.