Vats of Gar

“The door leads into a room with a floor hundred of feet below. The space in between is a mess of stairs, passages, hanging vats, huge distilling machineries and vats, hundred of vats with half formed creatures churning, trying to climb out, and dissolving again.”

Theme: This lab is all about proterozoic life – the transition from living goo and slimes to huge amoebas, living molds, fungi and myconids, vertical area

When fighting in this vertical area without standing at the very bottom, anybody hit with a natural 20 needs to save vs paralysis or stumble over edge, taking 1d6×1d6 damage from the fall (unless prevented by ropes, magic or similar means).


  1. a pink vat man (HD 3; AC 9; Atk 1 slam (1d6) followed by a bear hug next round (2d6); MV 3) climbs out of a huge vat; the vat man appears to be blind and unable to talk; ESP and similar methods will reveal a genius freshly trapped in this huge lump of flesh; soon enough, this will drive it mad with rage—can you find an alternative?
  2. a dozen green brain sucker worms are following your tracks on their stubby feet, their thin tentacles waving back and forth (HD 2; AC 8; Atk 1 bite (1d6); MV 6; when bitten, save vs. death or have the worms deposit eggs in your bloodstream; terminal brain rot in three days)
  3. a bori demon (HD 5; AC 9; Atk 1 cold touch (2d6 cold, save vs. dragon breath or faint); MV 3; can only be seen by its intended victim; can only be hit by magic weapons) is stalking the party once they steal or break anything in the labs; it will try to kill the party one by one by leading them into fights and attacking the wounded; it’s true name is known to Gar (which is why he can control it)
  4. a group of a dozen barrels each contain a singing ooze elemental (HD 1; AC –; MV 1; when disturbing it, save vs. spells or be charmed)
  5. a huge pink brain rises on a stalk, with psychic energies surging around it (HD 12; AC 9; MV 3 fly; can dominate others at will and keep up to three creatures under control at all times; save vs. spells or attack your friends, last man standing must commit suicide); may be pacified if using telepathy to contact it
  6. a giant snail with two huge fists (HD 7; AC 6; Atk 2 fists (2d6), 1 bite with its radula (3d6), 1 acid slime touch (1d6); MV 2) is angry about the intrusion and is roaring incoherently and shaking its fists as it approaches (slowly)
  7. a circle of six smoking myconids (HD 3; AC 7; Atk 1 kick (1d6), MV 6; release spores when hit, save vs. poison or fall asleep) in an artificial glade; trees have been planted, the smell of soil hangs in the air; a disc of magic metal fire illuminates the scenery; they prefer not to be disturbed; treasure: little seeds the size of a golf ball filled with distilled essences: two of strength (+2 to hit and damage in melee), four of healing (2d6 hit points healed), two of dexterity (+2 to hit with ranged weapons), four of charisma (+2 to reaction rolls)
  8. proceeding deeper into the warren of vats requires crossing a big slime-covered open space; and it doesn’t like anybody stepping on it (HD 12; AC –; Atk: 1 slam (1d6); MV 1; can only be hit with magic weapons; when hit, save vs. death every round or be covered in slime and suffocate the next round)
  9. there is an alchemical forge built on top of a spire rising from the laboratory floor; there is no obvious way to reach it as Gar uses flying spells to reach it; power lines criss-cross the platform in phosphorous green in the shape of a circled pentagram; the fire burning in the middle leads to a small extra-dimensional forge space (1d6 fire damage every round), home of four fire salamanders (HD 5; AC 3; Atk 1 flaming trident (2d6, two handed, sets target on fire for an extra 1d6 damage the next round), MV 6); the circled pentagram prevents them from leaving; their forge space is not connected to the rest of the multiverse; they dislike this and would like to end their engagement with Gar; he cares little for their plight: a deal is a deal and it didn’t include regular visits to the plane of elemental fire; treasure: a nearly finished burning iron snake golem that has not yet been keyed to a master (HD 12; AC 2; Atk 1 bite (3d6); MV 9; immune to magic; healed by fire magic; breath liquid fire: targets need to save vs. dragon breath or take 12d6 damage, ⅙ chance to use next round; anybody in melee distance takes 1d6 fire damage every round); a finished rod of fire (can shoot a fireball dealing 6d6 fire damage once per hour)
  10. at the very bottom of the laboratory complex is a dwarven cave carved into stone; marble columns covered in golden flowers, alcoves housing statues of armed angels, at the very center of the complex under a soaring cupola, illuminated by magic metal fire is the slime sorcerer himself, writing in his research notebook and protected by an iron protector golem (HD 12; AC 2; Atk 2 slams (2d6); MV 6; immune to magic; healed by metal-heating magic (not just fire); when hit by lightning it gains an additional two attacks next round; earth shaking stomp: all targets within 20 ft. need to save vs. paralysis or fall prone and loose their next attack—getting up and moving is not a problem)

The greatest treasure to be gained down here is meeting the slime sorcerer Gar in his laboratories (HD 13; AC 9; Atk 1 elf slaying dagger +3 (1d6; tripple damage against elves); MV 9; spells as listed in his spellbook). Gar is a 13th level dwarven magic user on the eternal quest of finding the ur-slime, the slime that gave birth to life as we know it. If the party can prove that they *befriended intelligent plants or fungi*—such as myconids or ents—this would gain Gar’s respect. Alternatively, if magic users in the party have spells that would aid Gar in communicating with slimes, contact planes full of slimes or summon them, or contact with higher beings of the fungus realms (Lord Agaric, Father Muscarine or the Mycelian Empire?) this will make him agreeable to bartering spells.

Gar’s Spellbook
1st level 2nd level 3rd level 4th level
mass somnia for the restlessarachnid powers of nettingbarriers against all sorts of aerial missilestransmogrification of friends and strangers
the excellent fusion of doors and their framesmechanical lordship over lockscontrol of lethal electrical energiescontrol of ocular powers in the earth
detection of causal anomalies and arcane effectstemporary cancellation of gravitational effectsstupefying growth of external gillsthe charming of the most unnatural creatures
force projectiles of unerring accuracyshort range powers of ignition for martial purposescontrol over aerial elemental propulsion
5th level 6th level 7th level
transportation of small groups of people through rifts in spacevivification of protozoic matterconjuration of reusable phasic doors
summoning of snakes and snails of enormous sizeliquification and mixification of cellular matter
contacting and understanding the batrachian lords of chaos

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