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A visit to Whitehaven

Visiting Whitehaven was a mistake, clearly.
We knew we wanted to go around, but in the end we got too close before changing our route.
A villain called Lester kidnapped us and took us to the capital to perform for his lord, some poncy upstart called “Fallan” or some such. A man more interested in beer and war than an understanding of the world around him, he is well suited to his boars head sigil. I was not upset to see him stabbed. It was just a shame we were in the room at the time.
Best to leave them to it in my view, if they had not also kidnapped and separated us from Durgan we would have left quickly, hopefully never to return.
When Fallon was stabbed we fled, naturally, but our exit was disrupted by the vagaries of magic. A conflux interfered with Auron’s normally potent magic, and our efforts to fly into the night were delayed while he recovered. It was not the last disruption of the night to our use of mystical powers, and further increased my desire to leave this place. Whitehaven is a black and miserable hell of ill luck, I like it not.
At our camp is was clear that Durgan was still in the castle, but I was able to sense that he lives still, and may yet see a new dawn if we act quickly. Thus we must endeavour to secure his release.
We crept back, in disguise, and made our way beneath the city by a hidden entrance. There in the sewers we were confronted by dogs, some with 4 legs, some with 2. And the next villain made an appearance, named Red with the blood he wants to see spilled. He wishes to mix us into his sordid dealing with the villains in the castle above. I gave him nice words, and ill thoughts. And he has earned my everlasting enmity with his vile poisons, though I expected no less from him. He blackmailed us with our lives, and Durgans, to involve us in his machinations. Some letter in their twisted plots must be hidden with the villain Lester. So the villains do villainy on themselves, this is the way of such people. We will do his bidding, since I care not for any of them, while I search for some means to even the score.
In the castle we use subterfuge, and misdirection to try to located Durgan, though we are honest travellers, and ill suited to such ruses. A foolish servant was beguiled into helping us, and since we must use all haste we have thrown caution to the winds. Hopefully Aeron can master this currents with his command of such potent forces.

I have determined that we shall receive neither ill nor fair for our part in their fetid plots, so a pox on them all, chaos to their dreams, and may their city crumble in ruins.