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House rules

I will post all house rules on this site. Comments welcome!


The combat system of HARP requires an initiative roll every round. Since the combats are generally more deadly than in Pathfinder, I don’t expect this to slow down things too much. Additional tactical aspects will come with this, though:

After everybody has rolled for initiative, we will start announcing our actions for the round, starting with the slowest character! This means that a high initiative allows you to

  1. take the actions of the others into account when deciding what to do and
  2. act before them!

Knowledge skills

If your characters gain in-game knowledge about a topic, they will get some bonus points on the respective knowledge skill for free.

Deferred skill points

You will be able to save some development points to spend them on skills you haven’t learned yet during a session. This symbolizes skills your character has obtained a long time ago and recalls when the need arises. Each development point you save is worth two on the road. You can save a maximum of three points.

Durgan’s Training Package

Skill Rank
Acrobatic 2
Acting 2
Storytelling 2
Duping 2
Mundane Lore: Local Region 3
Navigation 2
Streetwise 3
Trickery 2
Signaling 2
Discount -5

Increasing ability scores

You can spend a maximum of 10 development points per level on ability scores. The original rule was that you can spend a maximum of 20 points.