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First impressions


As the circus moves on with the thought of a refreshing evening of music and play on these lone roads, finally some traveller seems to have taken the same path, breaking the pattern of trees, fields and birds, that have been the scenery for many a day. Sitting in the grass by the road next to what was once a roadside inn he has spread his belongings about him. He is obviously dressed as a fighter: all in leather armour, two swords bound crosswise on his back, in the fashion of those students of the big city who come from better social backgrounds. Or like to pretend so. As the wagons come closer he looks at them, not staring, just looking, just as if he could very well look at something else. As the first wagon comes within earshot he suddenly stands up and waits impatiently. A tall person, human, but … with some blood of a different persuasion in him. Disturbing front teeth. He takes a few steps and calls out to the driver.
Hey there, you look like you need a guardthman!
As the circus comes to a halt he also stops, clears his throat and seems to start over.
Well met, fellow wanderers. I am pleased to cross your path in this vast landscape of great beauty. If it pleases you I would like to propose to accompany you on your way, offering enhanced protection from the dangers on the road and be a backbone of trust to your worthy fellowship.
So there he stands and awaits an answer…

Durgan eyes the stranger skeptically for a moment. He shrugs.
Sure, why not. These are harsh times and we always have need for a strong hand. But trust, my sharp-teethed friend, is earned by deeds not words.
He turns around and quickly glimpses at each of the wagons. Scratching his beard, he addresses the stranger again.
You can ride with Thorm for the moment. There is no regular wage, but we share what we earn on the road. And you will get free food. You will have to lend a hand in the circus, though.
The old Dwarf smiles.
I’m Durgan, by the way. Welcome to my circus.
The wagons slowly start to rumble down the dusty road again.